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Hearth's Warming is supposed to be a time of rest, relaxation, and time spent with friends or loved ones. For Twilight, it's more of the opposite.

Luckily, she's not alone.


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Aww that was a nice story! :pinkiehappy:

You could enter this in my CHRISTMAS CONTEST.

Awww . . . I love these kinds of stories. :)

Best assistant ever.

Dammit, it's not romance.

I enjoyed it anyway. Tis was a fun little read.

Nice story and merry Christmas everybody.

What a cute and fun little story, I think that it's one the best one's I've had the pleasure of reading today! I would have liked to seen the gems/necklaces Twilight and Spike would have come up with for their friends. I would have also loved to see their expressions and see what they got Twilight. Maybe you could come up with a short sequel or a follow up? At any rate this is a great read and it really lifted my spirits. Can't wait to read more of your stories!!

Awww, that was adorable!

We kind of did that this year... "Pinterest Christmas."

That was really cute! Really captures the spirit of the season.

Wah! Really enjoyable. Really liked Twilight's POV characterization - it was well done and believable as her. Very much a slice of life. ^_^

Awesome!!! I wonder what Spike shaped the gems into...

Hearth’s Warming isn’t about the perfect gift, or knowing what somepony really needs or wants. It’s about trying to make others happy in a way that extends beyond the festivities...

But that... that's exactly the point of the gift. To try to find something for someone that has special significance or meaning to make them happier or improve their life. Spike's gift is exactly one of those "perfect gifts"--the effort he put into creating it gives it meaning beyond just giving her something ordinary that she like, but has no emotional investment in. To someone passionately in love with something--such as, say, an avid coin collector--gifting to them a coin you thought was interesting gives it significance to that person, even if they already have a dozen identical to it. Even if it turns out to be something they're only mildly interested in or is just badly made, the earnest feelings of the giver are what make it special. A hand-made gift, a promise, an action... these could all be ordinary, everyday things, but the significance and intent behind them make these the most frequent components of the perfect gift.

Although she was trying to buy it rather than make it, that's what it sounded like Twilight was looking for (although staying away from the party was a bad idea (although an understandable one), and not only because Rainbow Dash or Pinkie Pie would either drag her to the party anyways or drag the party to her). Something to convey her love for them and to show her earnest attempt to get them what she thought they would truly enjoy--but if all she could find was things that she could only "just settle for", getting and giving those wouldn't have that emotional sincerity that makes a present special. Of course, the necklace idea finally came to her--but the attempt to give the perfect gift is more important than whatever the gift actually is.


Exactly the sort of thing Twilight might worry about wouldn't you agree?

This was awesome. Love the whole feeling you portray, it is one I can relate to. And also the whole "yes I know that, but I don't really feel it".

Also liked the "Sleipnirian" instead of "herculean." Such little tidbits make it feel more like a different world than ours. Have a like!

It's hard to find a story that really does Spike and Twilight justice. I faced the same problem Twilight had for a while this year, but pulled through rather nicely I think. That poor mare can slip into mood dips so easily, I don't know what she'd do if Spike wasn't around to help her out. He's like a full time shirnk on top of assistant.

I love how Spike isn't powerful or brilliant, he's just optimistic and won't ever give up. It's a simple thing, but it's a hard trait to find, seeing things through to the end all the time. I knew he was doing SOMETHING for Twilight, but I would never have guessed he was carving her a star. :) Childish in his excuses , but flawless in his delivery. Only Spike knows how to pull Twilight out of her mood swings. <3

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I really enjoyed this. Have a :pinkiehappy:

Extremely cute! It really feels like a "slice of life" story, like an episode in text form. Very well done!

Please keep writing, I'll keep reading!

I have only one word for this story: D'awwwww ;3

I always love some nice Twilight/Spike motherish/sonish type stories, and this is wonderfully done

A very sweet little story that perfectly suits the show's own tone.

I could easily see this as an episode. :twilightsmile:

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