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Every story has it's fans. Mine just happen to be nonexistent. But that's okay because I still love to write❤️

Siren AU Content/Bios

*Anon age:20: A calm, down-to-Earth guy with hardly much going for him most of his life. All that changed the day three girls arrived and changed his life… for better and worse. After losing his job, he became a Police Officer for Canterlot City and works daily to keep the peace. Despite his perverted side, he hardly acts on them nor tries to do anything weird despite the advances from the girls (Mainly Adagio).

Since bringing the Dazzlings into his home, Anon treats them as family (To some extent). He understands they’re not from this world for he lives by the motto of treating ‘weird’ as the new ‘normal’. After the girls’ house burned down (Due to Sonata), Anon took them in (Mostly out of pity) and deemed himself responsible for their well-being. Currently, Anon’s life is like a harem between the three girls yet is not a guy to make advances (Partly due to two of them being scary).

Sonata Dusk Age:18: The air-headed, but lovable member of the trio prone to asking the most questions (Mostly the stupid ones). Being the youngest of the four, she’s often the follower behind Aria and Adagio’s shenanigans. More often than not, Sonata ends up the cause of their never-ending annoyance. Despite the abuse she endures (Mainly verbal), she loves the girls with all her heart and sees Anon as a ‘Person of Interest’. Ironically, she gets in the least trouble with the law (Mostly ‘not’ directly) and therefore is the least problematic of the trio.

Currently, Sonata works with Adagio and Aria at the local coffee shop.

Aria Blaze age:19: The rebellious one through and through, Aria is the least open when it comes to people. Despite this, however, Aria’s the most caring of her friends. The running gag involves her getting arrested several times (Mainly for assault), but she often gets released the following day thanks to Adagio. While she doesn’t hate her friends (Or Anon), she gets easily annoyed with their antics.

Currently, Aria works with Adagio and Sonata at the local coffee shop. Additionally, Aria holds a side job… which involves stealing and selling stuff off the streets.

Adazio Dazzle age:19: The oldest and most laid back of the trio, though prone to snapping from time to time. When she’s not messing with Aria or Anon, she’s usually posting stuff on the internet (Currently holding 70k subs) and most of her ‘fans’ are whom she’s popular with. She’s very open about what she does and holds no issue with making lewd comments to anyone she speaks to. While she and the girls lost their powers prior to the ‘Battle of the Bands’, Adagio retains the ability to persuade people to run her errands. She’s not above breaking the law, having done so multiple times and somehow escapes police radar due to her wits (And Anon too).

Currently, she works at the coffee shop alongside Aria and Sonata.

*Doesn't have a picture at this time.

Stories in chronological order(Doesn't need to be read in said order)
-The Takeaway
-Thicc Dummies
-Worse For Rare
-Unfetish Business
-Scraping The Surface
-Bringing Home Dazzlings

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About Me

Well, as my bio says, i'm kinda of a klutz but love to chat. I'm not one for holding secrets and I have an open door policy(If that makes sense). As for what I like to write, i'm not picky on the subjects but I adore shipping stories. SunTwi to be exact (Shocker I know). If I were to list them off, we'd be here all day:derpytongue2:. But I'll list off what I can-

I'm not to good at keeping things short but I'll list off the things I love.

Love: MLP(Of course), Marvel, Fighting games(Well, games in general), People, helping others, Writing, Shipping, Pokemon, Yugioh, Anime, Stories, watching sports, being myself(As weird as I am:trollestia:), living life to the fullest, other people's interest, Talking, Magic(The Gathering but also real magic), Honesty and Breaking an awkward barrier.

Dislikes: Liers and those who hurt others.

Age:mid 20's

My greatest fear: Being unable to help others.

My Greatest Strength: Being a jack of all traits.

Favorite movie:To many to count.

Least favorite movie: ???

Favorite(Current) Anime: My Hero Academia

Most Disliked Anime: School Days

Favorite pony: Sunset(If I have to pick another, AppleBloom)

Least Favorite: Sky

Main in Street Fighter:Juri(In four and somewhat five) and Sakura in other cases

I also change my Bio pic once a week(Either of Sunset, Sci-Twi or my favorite anime character)

If you want to know more, feel free to ask. I hope to get along with you all:heart:.

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