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Love to write and make friends. Just ask me and I'll hear you out. Spoiler alert: I'm kinda of a klutz^-^'. Side note- I change my Bio pic every week :3


After a hangout with her best friends, Sweetie Belle catches a flu and has to skip school. Luckily, Rarity is there to nurse her to health and establish some quality time. But as they enjoy their get together, Rarity notices that it's more than just the flu that's making Sweetie Belle uncomfortable. A casual conversation turns deep as a major truth is revealed.

Edited by Dramamaster829

*Featured on 6/23/20*

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Comments ( 25 )

10299243 Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed it :heart:

A sweet sisterly story, I found it very cute!

Good job!

See, I did get around to reading stories again!

Lol, I'm not entirely hopeless.

10299266 Don't say that. You're never hopeless. Still, thank you for the read. I'm glad you enjoyed it:heart:

Incredibly heartwarming - I always enjoy a good sick day story and this one was really cute. You did really well on the dialogue too, it flowed quite naturally:twilightsmile:

10299283 Thank you for your kind words. However, most of the credit should go to my editor as if not for him, this story wouldn't be nearly as good :heart:

Stories centered around sisters definitely make for a great read, especially when it's between siblings like Rarity and Sweetie Belle. On note about the latter, we know she's a very gifted performer with a taste for the arts. Yet while she has a natural voice and once put together a play for the ponies to see, I will never forget that time she refused to perform the solo for that talent show back in Season 1 just because she was scared to sing in front of a crowd. But then again, I want to get that from her I really want to: Being in front of people can be very scary, particularly when we worry about how judgmental they can be (Critics can be the worse and that comes from one like myself).

Still, it's nice for Sweetie Belle to have a sister to talk to about these ordeals. And going through the difference between doing casual pretending like during recess and comparing that to actually preparing a show as part of a class ordeal. Just to have someone close to you saying they'll support you and encourage them to confront what scares them in order to do what they enjoy, I do believe that's just what Sweetie needed to hear.

10299292 Thank you for your kind words. Although without you, this story wouldn't have been nearly as good:heart:

Without your vision, this story would never have been possible.

You comment on my page saying ( I hope I don’t disappoint)
I am here to say you have not disappoint me Suntwi06
This story is quite good, it first time I want to read more of your stories suntwi06. So I am pleased that I decided to watch you.

10299419 I'm very grateful you enjoyed it. Also, not gonna lie, I speed read though your comment the first time and I thought it said that you were disappointed>_<.

Congratulations on the Feature!

This story does deserve it!


10299587 Wait, it was featured? I didn't see it(even with the M tag off)

I think it booted off, well I took a snapshot.

It hit the board, I bet it'll bounce back up there again soon.

10299601 May I see the picture? Its not because I don't believe you. I just want to see it is all. Or rather, post it here so everyone can see

Nice little story :twilightsmile: good job my friend.

I did, it's in the link.

But I'll post it again.


10299675 Oh. Sorry, I didnt see the link>_<. Regardless, that's suprising

It was there, even if it were brief.

I was like, awesome that sweet story reached the Feature!

I take snaps if I see any of my friends on the board, lol.

10299668 Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed it:heart:.

10299682 The only downside is that not many get to see it but it's a start:heart:

10300956 Thank you. This will be incredibly useful :heart:

So cute and heartwarmig faved :3

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