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Sunset Shimmer just wanted a quiet evening along, to forget the pains of the past and be content with the peaceful solitude. But one rainy night, who should arrive than Sonata Dusk, a member of The Dazzlings, among her oldest enemies... Alone. Sunset feels something is up but upon inviting her in they soon start relating over their connections to their misdeeds and a startling secret that will show an unexpected layer beneath the image.

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It's not something that happens every single day. You're at home alone, you've just done through quite a busy day, and after such a hectic day, all you want is to sit at home, enjoy a nice meal, and rest up after a period of homework. So it definitely comes as quite a shock to Sunset Shimmer when someone knocks at the door and sure enough, not only was she not actually expecting a visitor but the last person she ever expected at her doorstep... Is Sonata Dusk.

Now if we know anything about the Dazzlings, if they are anything like The Sanderson Sisters, we wonder why the 'nice' members can be just as evil? But in this case, we don't see Sonata showing any sign of malicious intent nor even any reason to get revenge on her personally... But what we do see is that she's in pain, if Sunset can suspect as much. And it seems the only way for Sonata to come clean over what's going on is for Sunset to share a similar circumstance that revolved around her. A time when Sunset herself was not exactly the good girl we've come to know over the years.

10252053 You did not take long to notice, huh?

Well, when taking the time to go over the material in the course of a day, you learn what the pacing was going for and the atmosphere based on how the story is put together. And in doing so, it takes an acute eye for detail to recognize the emotional journey of the characters in question and proving you don't need a really big cast to tell a story when all you need is the viewpoint of two characters.

Wow. Normally, Equestria girls are not really my forte, but I really liked this. You write so eloquently, and I thought the pacing was perfect - not too fast, but not dragging out, either. Have you put this one in any groups yet?

10266649 Why thank you for your kind words. However, I can't take all the credit as my editor made it better than what it was. And to answer your question, I've posted it in 15 groups.

The past is never an easy subject to talk about and in Sunset's case, that is no exception. But if Sunset and Sonata were not busy being enemies, even though Sonata has always been a 'follower' to Adagio's brains and Aria's... Well, gruff personality. It's like this rare interaction they have where Sunset talks about the pains of her own past, if only to tell Sonata what she in turn had to go through in order to find a change for herself. We're all reminded of how Sunset Shimmer used to be one of the worst antagonists in 'Equestria Girls' and I stress on the word 'worst' because compared to the more popular 'Dazzlings' as the villains, Sunset was pretty much the straight forward high school bully we see in almost every high school related movie. But in the end, she was able to share her story to someone who would take the time to listen... At least, so long as Sonata could stay awake.

But for this story, if we think Sunset's story was tough to listen to, then it's surely nothing compared to Sonata's story especially with all those scrapes and bruises.

You know The Dazzlings have always had a rough relationship, whether they were taking over Equestria as Sirens or when they tried to have a whole school bending to their feet. At least they weren't the type of Sirens who'd lead sailors to their death. But for two girls to take it out on the seemingly most harmless member of the trio, just because she tried to get involve in one of their banters, sometimes I wonder why Sonata ever put up with them to begin with. But this, right here... They definitely went too far so it's no wonder why the last thing Sonata would do is go to the one person Sunset would least expect her to go to... Sunset herself.

Still, until Sonata is able to get fully back on her feet and when she feels it is safe to leave the house, who'd have figured the closest person to a friend to turn to is someone that she and her sisterly 'friends' used to consider a rival? Still, it is in Sunset's good nature, or at least what she's starting to, by understanding the pain of what someone is going through and do what she can to help with their problems. Because this story, right here, made me feel just awful for Sonata.

Is there gonna be a sequel?

10283775 Not sure to be honest. What did you think of the story overall?

It was amazing, I don’t even know where to begin.

10283825 Really? Well, thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed it. If it's not to much trouble, you can check out the rest of my stories if your interested.

I really enjoyed reading this, and i have respect for the amount of quality this story brings. I really hope that there will be a sequel because there is so much you could build apon, but in the end it is your choice.If this will be Standalone, then it still is a great one. And i am sure to check out some of your other work.

Hey sunset here’s a little advice, tough love doesn’t always work, okay?

I feel like this chapter shows how hard it is to get over the past.

So cute. This story makes way more sense if you’ve actually seen “Rainbow Rocks” (which I hadn’t when I first started reading), and I really like it. Sonata really does seems like a little lost puppy sometimes, and it was nice to see Sunset be so compassionate with her. Haha, I feel like I need a follow up story where Sonata is up at the crack of dawn burning toast or something:twilightoops::rainbowlaugh:

10347597 I've thought about it but I have so many stories on the back burner, it's kinda crazy. But thank you:heart:.

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