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I hate everyone lol

Holy hot hell

Hi call me rainbow alright. I love playing osu! and Roblox uhm, I love making new friends! If you’re looking for a friend I can be your friend. Not that you want to- anyways, if you like need me or wanna say hi, you can pm me. I might not answer fast cuz sometimes I’m doing something and I won’t refresh my page. Or you can add me on discord it’s: dashielovesyou.#1719
. :heart::rainbowkiss:. I like wanna make this long but I’d not know what to talk about- uh, as you know from my bio I really like Rainbow Dash, like- I’m obsessed with her. It’s not a good obsession though. I might change my name soon. Not that you care- welp I like gore and murder. I’m like obsessed with it too. My favorite emojis are: 🍒🌸⚡️✨💫🌈💖🏳️‍🌈⭐️🌟🦋🌚🌝. Yes and I have more. Uh if you made it this far, thank you for reading my boring ass whatever this thing is called. Have a good day I guess.

The second best compared to RD:

But not as cool as her:


e is the best letter



Sorry I can't get enough of these simp memes · 8:11pm July 16th


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Stories I made

I know I shouldn’t be writing this here but I have to. I have this best friend named Sara. We have been friends for 4 years now and she’s the best. She’s so nice and generous. She likes a lot of the stuff I like. We have the same friends, and etc. Well anyway I am talk about more stuff in this box cuz my last one sucks.

Okay, let’s do this again. Hello, I am not say the stuff what I did in that first blox again cuz that will be annoying af. Eh, I can tell you this. My favorite ship is SoarinDash. I like Many many other ships to but SoarinDash is my OTP.
My favorite singer is Demi Lovato. I really love her music. Like, I know you ain’t looking at all of this cuz it’s boring as hell but if you do then thank you. Uh I like aesthetic stuff tbh yeah not that you care. My profile isn’t even that interesting. I lose a lot of friends. And I always think that when I make a new friend, that they don’t like me. Some of them say that I’m too mean or I’m too toxic! But it’s all just jokes. I like to joke a lot and I’m really sarcastic. So like if I say a joke that you don’t like, I’m really sorry. Uhm imma end this have nice day :) gosh this is cringe :/

Nothing but Rainbow Dash!

And what about fan art as well? Hell yes!

Killua is forever bae

And Todoroki 😍


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Thankles for the fave!

Thank you for the wateh I hope you like!

So much art! Yay!

Thanks for the follow! :twilightsmile:

Thank you I like your pfp to 😇👍🏻

Oh, page update!!!! :)

You're welcome. :)

Okie :3

Ty and I just follow people

I dunno I just follow people sorry :twilightsheepish:

Thanks for the follow :3

Have a follow in return =3

What interested you in following me? X3

Thank you for the follow :yay:

May I ask how I earned it?

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