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An innocent debate over a popular meme leads to awkward banter between The Dazzlings. It's a case of misunderstanding and comedic banter, as they try to find a meaning in one of the strangest forms of slang they've ever heard of.

Edited by Dramamaster829

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Not gonna lie-This is probably the dumbest story I've ever written and that's saying a lot.

Trust me there are a lot more stories dumber then this

Under normal circumstances, I'd have nearly a mile long review over what kind of story we're dealing with. But if I'm going to be practically honest, there wasn't really much of a story. Just a banter between a notable trio in the MLP Universe... The 'other' notable trio. Still, I'd like to look at this fic as 'so dumb, it's hysterical'. Maybe not the kind of humor full of slapstick and modern kind of humor, but the kind where the funny stems from the dialogue and implied expressions.

Otherwise, this story is a give and take.

I wouldn't call Aria dumb at all
(<Cough>, Best siren

10368437 I have all no regrets

SunTwi and I weren't trying to be 'literal'. It's like referring those trio of knuckleheads as 'The Three Stooges' but at least one of them manages to concoct some form plan that may or may not work. But it's the thought that counts.

We could've thought of a better title, but... This one just stuck.

10368435 I somehow don't doubt that.

I like it :)

“… It means you have a ‘fat’ ass.”

“What did you say about my ass?!”

“No, no… It just ‘means’ you have a big ass!”

“Well… I don’t know whether to call this ‘awkward’ or ‘amusing’,” Adagio smirked, folding her arms.

I'll call it both Adagio.

It's fun seeing the Sirens banter like this. Nice work!


10368450 Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Expect to see more stories soon:heart:

So basically this but an EqG story.

10368791 I mean you're not wrong. Also, thank you for the watch. I hope the rest of my content doesn't disappoint:heart:

That was delightfully silly.

10369442 I'm glad you enjoyed it:heart:

Shouldn't there be a sex tag or something? I mean, doesn't Thicc have something to do with sex or being sexy?

10369955 Thank you for pointing that out. I legit didn't even think about that. But aside that, what did you think of the story?

Jeez, Sonata thinks of the darnedest things:rainbowlaugh:.

10370334 Weirdly enough, this feels in character for her.

Knowing Sonata, she'll more questions that even more explicit than her fat ass.

For a simple funny story, you were able to sneak in some interesting thoughts about body acceptance. Impressive.

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