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It was supposed to be a regular work day. For one man on the clock it was to be a slow day. But then, she came along, with two other girls, with nasty intentions in mind. Can he rely on his quick wits to get through the day? Or will he find himself getting more than he bargained for?

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*Part of the Siren AU Continuity*

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Not gonna lie, I blushed a lot harder than I had any humanly right too.

Lol that was pretty funny.

10273210 Thank you. Believe it or not, I wrote this in a hour. ...Well, more like, the original draft was written in a hour and my editor fixed it.

You do have talent. Not gonna lie.

10273236 I wouldn't say that. My editor deserves most of the praise. I just write what I feel and came up with this. If not for him, the story wouldn't be anywhere nearly as good.

10273242 Thank you. I hope my next story/s don't disappoint. I'll have one out sometime this month.

When it all comes down to it, you never know when a typical work day could either be the best moment of your life... Or the absolute worst. For one guy, this was not a day in which he expected things to turn out. Just some regular nameless joe hoping to just get through his first day on the job, hoping to make a decent impression and be able to make his two weeks' pay eventually. But then come these three girls and he finds himself in the middle of what they were planning to be a robbery, surprisingly to find there's minimal security too. The irony of it all is that while he works at 'a' bank... Turns out it wasn't the kind of bank they were aiming for (Leave it to Sonata to make that blunder).

And yet, rather than leave empty handed... These girls 'do' get something out of this little blunder and the guy is just lucky enough to live and experience it. This first day on the job is certainly one that he was never going to forget, provided he still has a job after this whole ordeal. Still, if I were in his place, I'd consider myself the luckiest man in the world.

Hey, I like this. Nice job. Have yourself a like and a fave.

10273272 And this is why we don't trust Sonata with anything.

10273276 Thank you. I'm glad you liied it:heart:

Nope, you truly can't. Unless you can trust that she can be nice to have a conversation with. Even if most of the talk is about tacos. Me I'm more of a burrito guy myself. Heck, I like 'Chipotle' more than 'Taco Bell' myself.

10273313 How did we go from a bank to tacos? And I thought I switched subjects on a fly. I'm joking of course.

*It seems I got a dislike on this comment. Was it something I said?*

Yeah that's kind of part my humor. I tend to switch things of a bit. Now if we want to talk banks:

That guy hit the 'jackpot' with those three if the ending is any indication.

10273325 That's the understatement of the year

Nah... That's just you being humble and that's a good thing. It's okay.

Yeah, wouldn't I like to be in that dude's place even if those girls are evil.

One of the most unusual first days ever.

And maybe next time, Adagio won't stick duties on Sonata again.

10274561 Ain't that the truth? She's still a cinnamon bun tho:heart:

And who doesn't like Cinnabon? Am I right?

10275817 Um... is that a good thing?

It's kinda hard to describe. Quite random. And... maybe mis-tagged considering the content.

10275839 Plz explain what you mean by mistagged. I only ask because it was reviewed and it seemed to be fine all things considered. N-Not to say your option isn't valid or anything.

Ah, it just felt a bit more mature than a Teen rating, that's all. You know... with the ending? Might just be me.

It was otherwise well told. Just... so random that it somewhat blew my mind.

Sirens setting off literal sirens. Definitely like the symbolism, if nothing everything else.

10275843 Yea... I had the same thought not gonna lie. Although since nothing explicit happens (Thank goodness...), it was able to pass as Teen. I don't blame you for thinking it though>_<.

10275846 Yep. And you can thank a certain girl for that. Also, thank you for adding my story to favorites:heart:.

What girl is that? Also, I'm surprised you didn't make this story outright porn.

10278752 Because that wasn't the point of the story. That and I'm not a big fan of that genre.

I finished the story right before the site went down, but for what I remember, this was really fun and I can totally belive this could happen to them XD

Never would've thought the Dazzlings would so desperate that they would go so far as to rob a sperm bank.

10291144 This is why we don't trust Sonata with anything

Sonata is the last person you would trust anything with.

10291207 Still, at least one ot them got something out of it

For what it's worth, not a bad first day.

We're very pleased you like the story. Some details I'll admit may not make complete sense, but moving forward it's the set-up and build-up that more than make up for it. We really wanted to focus on the 'reaction' from our fans, especially reaching the end.

Best first day… Ever!

Me: That's All Folks!

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