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Every story has it's fans. Mine just happen to be nonexistent. But that's okay because I still love to write❤️


Just when Cadence is prepped for a period of R&R, she is suddenly thrust into filly-sitting for Flurry Heart. Sounds easy enough, but then again... you'd be wrong. A wild day of crazy shenanigans ensues between a mother and a daughter.

Submiting for Cadance Is A Terrible Mom contest

*Featured 4/14/21*

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Excellent new story keep up the good work

Thanks for the entry!

10769877 I don't expect it to win but I hope it gets a laugh at least(and maybe a few followers along the way):heart:

10769843 Thank you. I should have more stories soon:heart:

The ending got the biggest kick out of me:rainbowlaugh:

Princess Cadance/Cadence & Flurry Heart vs Angel Bunny! Who will win?

My money's on Angel.

10770018 Sounds like an ep to me:derpytongue2:. I'm glad you enjoyed it:heart:

This story is hilarious I feel pity for Cadence having to keep up with Flurry Heart.

10770304 Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed jt:heart:

Hee, this was excellent.

Loved the read.

10773711 Thanks. I'm glad you enjoyed it:heart:

“What are you talking about Fluttershy? Angel always had a vaguely concussed look with one of his eyes no longer focusing properly.”

Next time they should leave her with a baby dragon.

10785080 Oh dear God.

10783795 Eh, wouldn't be the worst thing he's gotten.

At least he knows what it's like to be rambunctious and rebellious when he was a hatchling.

This story's premise confuses me. How exactly can you babysit your own daughter?

10786576 I'm sorry? What about it is confusing? It's like what any parent does. But aside that, what did you think of the story?

I have reviewed this story at theReviewer's Mansion! Thanks for writing!

This story goes to show that parenthood, be it a father or in this case a 'mother', is certainly no walk in the park.

He lifts Flurry Heart towards his wife, who carefully takes her in her arms. He smiles towards his little bundle of joy.
But they have no arms

Her light purple eyes narrow toward her daughter, her violet man with the rose-and-gold streaks flow in the breeze in the castle.
Guessing you meant mane

Other than that, great and funny story

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