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This is a remake of Broadwaypony's group due to the fact that the other group is gone. But I, Badwolf231, and one of my friends have decided to build it from the ground up again. I was a past Admin of the old group and so I have decided to fulfill my and Broadwaypony's promise to you all. Now without further ado the Please Read My Story group is re-opened.

Meet The Admins

Now, if you are new to this group, welcome! I am Badwolf231 & I am excited to start working with you. I am a anime fan & Twilight Sparkle fan. If you have any questions, you can PM me. I am also working with Admin Quillian Inkheart, Snowmanmelting, Silence_EXE & Crystal Aura; their bios are below.

Hello! My name is Quillian B. Inkheart and I write Horse Words and occasionally People Words. People often refer to me as the GIF Master, because I edit GIFs and have a giant library of images. I'm a hardcore OctaSctarch shipper, and I always welcome attention to my own stories; I'm also always available to give advice and brainstorming on other people's stories.

Hello! Snowmanmelting here! I write since forever, mostly hurt/comfort genre. What I like to read the most is a realistic character with a good context, so that's what I try to aim for when writing. If you need help with that then I'm your gal

Greetings from the Shadows of Equestria! I am Silence.EXE!

I am an author and editor, with plenty of experience in the genre of GrimDark. I prefer to read fanfics which have a good plot, so no Clop for me!

I'm willing to help with editing, prereading, and coauthoring any genre other than Clop, and I am normally available throughout the day! Don't be afraid to pm me if you need help, and as always...

May the Stars guide you and the Darkness fear you!

Hi all!
I'm Crystal Aura & I will be a part of the Admins. I hope to bring about some things that will help in promoting this group further ahead. And for that, I would need your whole hearted support.
I will be posting a thread monthly or so to know your thoughts about changes in the group. Let's be active, guys!
If there are any problems that you would rather not discuss publicly, you always have PM. Feel free to shoot a PM if something's bothering you or if you just want to talk!
If you need help with your stories, then feel free to contact me regarding the same. I'll try to reply as soon as possible!
I hope that this group will help all those authors out there who need our help! Have a great day!

About this group

This group is dedicated to helping struggling authors and for people to receive some help from other authors in this group.

Other groups our members should look into include:

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I want to try and get as many people to read my story as possible since the finale really made it look like Twilight could outlive her friends. But the writers left it up to us, she doesn't have to outlive them if you don't want her to. Hope this will reach more people that would like an alternative.

I would like some feedback on my story. It’s a crossover though.

hello I like some feedback on my stories

I just posted my story.

It's an AU HiE story about dinosaurs. So what do you think?

No that made my wallet BLEED.

Man my wallet hurt from Preordering Fallout76. :rainbowlaugh:

Man that sucks. Just had to get a new phone myself. Still feeling my wallet hurt from that.

I will as soon as I can get my phone screen fixed because I am on my laptop right now.

Just posted my story please, please let me know what you think

I will try but I have a lot of other Twilight stories to read.

Badwolf, you said you liked Twilight? Read my story called 'Grief', it's all about her.

Toss something up on the Forums, friend. No one will fault you for a bit of self-promotion. :pinkiesmile:

I could use some help on my story

This group is for any type of story.

I have a question, can publish horror stories here?

thanks I based this group off of the one me and my friend maintained but then she left the site and the group got deleted and so I decided to recreate it.

This group looks like intersting

I will test them when I get the chance but you might want to ask around the group due to the fact that I am really busy on my fanfic but I will look around for you in fact I have just the right person to ask. I will tell you his answer.

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