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Fanfiction for Art

In this group, you can post your artwork (no NSFW content*) and request a writer to write a story to/for it, or, post an offer to write stories for free/as commission.
(*A litte diclaimer since this raised confusion: You can't put a 18+ picture on on Fimfiction, so also not in this group but you can ask for a mature story anyway, just no links to the picture in the threads. Make a request for such a story, with teen rated words and talk about the rest privately.)

Just imagine it like Art for Fanfiction but vise versa.

Also, you can in general offer to write stories for someone, either free or as a commission.


1. Use Common Sense And Do Not Spam
2. Keep Site Rules In Mind
3. Don’t Pester People, If They Agree To Work For You, Fine. If Not, Also Fine, Let Them Be.
4. Don’t Ask People Who Posted A [Request] Thread If They Would Like To Pay.
5. No NSFW Content, Asking For A Mature Story Is Fine, Just No Links Or Detailed Descriptions In The Group.
6. Keep Your Threads On Topic, This Is Not For Random Promotions Of Your Stories Or Your Artwork. After All, We Are Not The Shameless Self Promotion Bureau. Posting A Few Of Your Stories Or Artwork In Your Thread Is Fine, But If It Is More Than 3, Post A Link To Your Story Page Instead.

Tag your thread correctly:

[Request] if you want a story for free.
[Commission] if you want to pay for it.
[Offer free] If you are willing to write a story for free.
[Offer commissions] If you want to write a story if you get paid for it.


The group The Writing Process was so nice to help us out with promotions!:yay:

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I think I got the point of this group mixed up :P

Well, this is something we at The Writing Process didn't see coming. :P

Anyway, you got the owner of a group so, yeah. :3

Don't worry about it, I just don't want peopel complaining or pestering people just because they want a story for free. After all, we are a helpfull and generous comunity:scootangel:

I am doing so, sendet a few invitation around.:twilightsmile:

Let's say some was inspired by you:rainbowwild:

ok... also, I suggest you invite more people here since I doubt some 30 of us would be able to reach enough people (also I saw the rules and I feel that it's aimed at me for some reason :raritydespair:)

Then you can offer people to write a story too:raritywink: You know, to help pay the uni:pinkiecrazy:

Fair enough

I have no job and uni fees that needs to be paid sadly :twilightblush:

post in the forum:raritywink:

You seemed (besides your constantly complaining about artist need to earn food:rainbowwild:) quite helpfull for people in the forums of art for fanfiction and I thought you would like to see a group that is vise versa, where writers offer work for free or as commision.:derpytongue2:

Nice... Why am I invited?

I am a writer that is open to this idea. Talk to me and if I have time and your art/idea's interests me I will do this for free. It just sounds like fun. I make no promises about accepting them though, I work two jobs and as I said I will be doing this for free. But PM me if you want or if I see something here I might be in touch.

Okay, uh, I was invited here. Does that mean people wanted commissions, or what? ...Eh, you know what, I'll just go post under commissions.

-GM, master of COMMS.

I like this group. :pinkiesmile:

Brilliant idea for a group!

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