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I might as well be the only Anti-Brony here. Anyway, I also like Star Wars :P

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Just the dankest memes unearthed


I'm just some salty anti-brony spamming dis place with either some Star Wars memes, or actual content that I make. And remember, if you want to be my friend; DON'T! Or just Private Message me. That usually gets my attention. I don't care.

Checklist of stories to work on

(In Progress) SF_Ghostbuster/Fluttershy (Star Wars) Story
(No Chapters Yet) Count Zora/Rarity (Skyrim) Story
(No Chapters Yet) Cow Lantern/Rainbow Dash (Green Lantern) Story*
(In Progress) Darkdragon/Applejack (Batman) Story*
(In Progress) XQ3D/Pinkie Pie (Harry Potter) Story
(Completed) Pirate's Life
(In Progress) Pirate's Life 2
( ) Pirate's Life 3
(In Progress) Firefly's Story
( ) Changeling War Story
( ) Darth Swordaron Story
( ) Force Tribe War Thing (Maybe?)
(In Progress) Zombies vs Changelings (Non-Headcanon)

*give these 2 a crossover!

I have a lot of stories in progress.

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Ah, fair enough.
You could have just sent me a PM for that, but OK :P

Greetings. What brings you here?

Oh man, that's quite the meme :P
Thank you Kanye. Very cool.

Oh, my dude, this is hilarious! Look for my comments! :rainbowlaugh:

Q&A for Kody the Ultimate Brony

Thank you for the invitation.

  • Viewing 132 - 141 of 141
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