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I run a Discord chat. We mostly talk about Songs of the Spheres, but anyone is welcome.

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My deep past...

EMLP Time Loops
Twilight Sparkle has been here before. In fact, she's been here so often she's thoroughly bored. Time Loop stories for Equestria.
Saphroneth · 2.3m words  ·  1,903  86 · 41k views

Yes, I did write for the Infinite Loops under the name ORBSyndicate. I understand that's a little hard to know now given the name change and more recent activity, but it WAS me, guaranteed. Just leaving this here so people can know about it - and have an easier time finding me if they're trying to.

-GM, master of OBRSyndicate.


SotS 130 Trailer · 1:49pm Saturday

7:00 UST and 1:00 PST. Saturday. Nov 23.


Feel free to start theorizing.

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Most of it has been written since the summer. I'm actually stupid busy and haven't written too much lately, this is all backlog.
-GM, master of course that means I wrote 10k words a day for a while there but pshaw.

You know, you're an absolute mad lad. The pace of which these giant chapters keep coming out might be the highest I've seen anywhere.

Right you are, my good chap! You have a spellbindingly devious piece of work as your avatar as well if I do say so myself!
-GM, master of stors.

Why, hello there! Quite the handsome avatar you have!

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