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The Songs of the Spheres is now live.

And so it begins.

-GM, master of Vriska.

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The Songs of the Spheres · 9:00pm October 29th

Here it is, my biggest project yet, and perhaps my biggest project of all time. A multiverse story. A Multiverse story I've been trying to tell for years, and have never been able to do it quite right - until now. Today, the ponies throw open the gates to the multiverse, and nothing will be the same.

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-GM, master of dwight.

2265262 Thanks!

Sorry, but there will be no sequel - I have moved on to things other than the Infinite Loops. I think there's a few more GF loops around you can look for in the Disney/Kingdom Hearts threads, and a few Numenera ones... but I haven't actually written any loops for months. (It takes a long time for them to get compiled.)

Until then, uh... just enjoy Pony Fantasy V I guess, that's all that's here for now. I also work on the Galaxy Project on Spacebattles.
(https://forums.spacebattles.com/threads/the-galaxy-project.383905/) More stuff is coming here soon...

Awesome stuff... soonish.

-GM, master of totally knowing exact timeframes.

2265156 To be honest, I just came here to compliment you, man. You deserve it, keep up the good work.

2265106 I see you have managed to hunt me down and find my secret lair....

I know things man was not meant to know.... seen things ponies should never see...

...what is it you wish to know, Master of Potatoes?

-GM, master of yams.

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