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Writing character philosophies are fun!

I may or may not be writing an epic story solely because of 80s Cheerilee.

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    The Realms Close · 2:58pm June 9th

    Well, there we have it, the end of another of my large stories, Realms of Existence. I think I’m more proud of this one than Wanderlost, since it’s more consistent and had an idea of where it was going from the start. It just seems to flow better to me. The writing of Realms of Existence was one of the most natural feelings I ever had - I just wrote the story out, and kept writing it, until the very end. There were little if any interruptions (unlike the story I’m working on now... Yeesh...). I even teared up when I wrote the last encounter with Sperion - only time that’s ever happened to me when writing a story.

    It was a bit difficult to juggle all the powers of the Seven - time in particular - but I think I managed pretty well, in the end. Every pony had their part to play overall.

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    -GM, master of dwight.

    2265262 Thanks!

    Sorry, but there will be no sequel - I have moved on to things other than the Infinite Loops. I think there's a few more GF loops around you can look for in the Disney/Kingdom Hearts threads, and a few Numenera ones... but I haven't actually written any loops for months. (It takes a long time for them to get compiled.)

    Until then, uh... just enjoy Pony Fantasy V I guess, that's all that's here for now. I also work on the Galaxy Project on Spacebattles.
    (https://forums.spacebattles.com/threads/the-galaxy-project.383905/) More stuff is coming here soon...

    Awesome stuff... soonish.

    -GM, master of totally knowing exact timeframes.

    2265156 To be honest, I just came here to compliment you, man. You deserve it, keep up the good work.

    2265106 I see you have managed to hunt me down and find my secret lair....

    I know things man was not meant to know.... seen things ponies should never see...

    ...what is it you wish to know, Master of Potatoes?

    -GM, master of yams.

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