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I run a Discord chat. We mostly talk about Songs of the Spheres, but anyone is welcome.

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Gimme a Griefing Daze Break, Yare Yare... · 1:27am Sunday

Today's post is brought to you by the third Jojo, mister I-feel-no-pain badass Jotaro himself. (That image needs to be Rainbow Dash, mmf.)

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I doubt it that'll happen - I just added that one to the list because I had seen it on the front page a few times, and hadn't realized you wrote it.

I also think I added a few other stories of yours to my (ever-growing and never shrinking) list a long time ago, I think I just forgot to follow you earlier. Sorry about making you wait. :twilightsheepish:

-GM, master of I keep adding stories to my lists that I never have time to read AUGH.

Thanks for the watch! Though given the first story you added to your shelves, I worry this is a sign Eve and company may encounter Earth Beanis... :twilightoops:

Glad to have you on board! Hope you like what you see. I've got plenty to offer, see what tickles your fancy. I generally prefer my longer stories - though Pony Fantasy V isn't that good. Just a head's up.

-GM, master of COMMENTUS.

Your story's are great with grand adventure so in the will of Lexi e i have decided to grace you with my following presence a rare gift and so I shall leap from this page and into another one of your story's
Keep writing - your new amazing follower lexie



-GM, master of dwight.

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