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Mega Crossover. Noun. A crossover that involves elements from several works of fiction.

It has come to my attention that there is a distinct lack of mega crossovers on the Internet - we have apparently decided that we must limit ourselves to two, maybe three, franchises in our works of fanfiction. If you have four, you're outright insane!

I say we need to throw this tyrannical yoke off our backs and revel in the chaos that comes with mega crossovers! No more shall we be limited to just a handful of continuities - if we so desire, we could smash together ALL the continuities! ALL OF THEM!

Enjoy the chaos!

But GM, you haven't explained anything!

Oh okay, fine, here's the gist of it. In this group, a mega-crossover is anything that takes together five or more continuities and melds them together. These continuities cannot just be referenced, they all have to be important to the story in some way. Throwaway references do not count!

Franchises like Super Smash Bros. count as a single crossover. We have to actually put some effort into our crossovers to call them true mega crossovers - not just splice it onto an already existing one.

Stories that are mega crossovers of different pony fanfic continuities can be added, but they have to go into the special Pony folders. Naturally, if five of these pony worlds are the result of some kind of world fusion/pre-existing crossover, it can go ahead and go in the main folder.

And that's it! All ratings of fics are accepted and anyone can add stories!

-GM, master of oranges.

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Just feel like I ought to say: Writing a good mega crossover is QUITE the undertaking. To all my fellow writers of the genre: godspeed, you magnificent madmen.

Question: On the 'five' crossover rule. Does that mean five series besides MLP? Or does MLP count as one of the five? Also... Does Equestria Girls count as a separate crossover? Or is it lumped in with MLP? And speaking of MLP... Do Gen 1, Gen 2, and Gen 3 count as separate crossovers? Let me know.^_^

Well sign me up ^^ THIS is the kind of crossovers I try SO HARD to find, and this group's just the ticket. Thanks for making this happen Blackjack ^^

We can pretty much stock this group with all of Tatsurou's fics; they might focus on an MLP crossover, but many other franchises get added on as they progress.

I will help others with their stories if needed though so if you need help let me know

Um... Yeah? Most users of fimfiction are readers, not writers.

-GM, master of spice.

Is it okay that I read but don't write

I am currently reading the bridge and I love it GO TARB

....Hi :trixieshiftleft:

-GM, master of :trixieshiftright:

That would only be a two-way crossover. All of pokemon is like adding all of Smash Bros. Though there's a lot of potential in that story if done right - just smash a few more things in there for fun and the absence of profit.

-GM, maser of stealing Fan's lines.

I've always imagined a gigantic Pokemon crossover where Ash and the Alola gang meet all of Ash's travelling companions from various regions and he is reunited with all his pokemon (even the released ones) and then somehow everyone gets sucked into Equestria

Oh, yes, of course, how could I have forgotten about them! Surprised you guys didn't add it while I was asleep!


-GM, master of additions.

Buck, yes. The Loops should count, especially Saphroneth's. That guy deserves some serious credit!

Are the Infinite Loops considered a valid candidate for this group? Or is that considered to be merely crossing over with an already established mega crossover

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