My Little X-Men: Friendship is Mutation 18 members · 15 stories

Just because someone stumbles and loses their way, doesn't mean they're lost forever. Sometimes we need a little help."
-Charles Xavier, X-Men (2000)

Mutation. The next step in evolution. It is said that mutation happens every few millennia, but it is occurring before our very eyes. For those who are gifted, or want to see a good story with a few familiar mutants in it, this group is for you. Now, there are rules to follow.

1.) There will be no harassment of any kind towards any other group members. Any reports of threats, hateful comments, and other forms of harassment will result in expulsion from the group.

2.) The stories that will placed into this group must feature the X-Men Universe in some way, either crossover or alternate universe.

3.) Please enjoy yourselves and I hope you all love this group.

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