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My past is not today? Open up your eyes. Learn from the past or its price is yours to pay.


Beginnings of.... Something.... I don't know anymore. · 7:35am May 20th

Mayhaps a mind in fractures should not turn its gaze inward.

But cursed are the curious for they do so willingly.

On the other hand, is ignorance truly blissful as they say?

To gaze into the ruins of ones own mind in hopes of preventing it's further decay need not be rushed.

Let it unfold as it means.

This creeped out of my brain through my hands onto my personal discord server.

I know I'm special in the head, but this is just trippy....

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Thanks for the Fav. :twilightsmile:

Thanks for the Fav. :twilightsmile:

Thanks for the Fav. :twilightsmile:

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Remember, what happens in the Omegaverse, stays in the Omegaverse!

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