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A group for fans of Monty Oum's RWBY series. On this site, you guys can post stories that you write, stories that you find, post forums, or just talk about how awesome and sexy these girls' weapons are.

Do you have no idea what RWBY is? Well, here, give it a go. You'll love it, I promise.

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Well... Looks like Team RWBY has their first in-team couple now.

Welp, I think I'm done.

The show kept losing my interest, especially after the last volume. the portrayal of characters and some of their deaths was a turn-off for me.

Oh well, fun while it lasted


Comment posted by annonymus deleted Nov 7th, 2020

"Greetings and salutations everyone! I am happy to finally be joining this group! I wish the best of luck and joy to all!" ~ Neopolitan Torchwick

anyone ever realize that blakes color is black AND she's the one who is DISCRIMINATED against?

I'm just going to post the entirety of the lyrics for the song Caffeine. Because I'm just as addicted to that song as I am to actual Caffeine.

Listen up, strap in, notify your next of kin,
You're about to take a ride a little on the blazing side,
Guzzle down your Red Bull, you're gonna need a bucket full,
You're watching me accelerate and tear apart the interstate.

A certified monster I'm an absolute trip,
Like Otis Redding, hard to handle so you better get a grip,
A super-fast, superfly, bonafide wise guy.
Call the morgue and say goodbye, write your will; it's time to die.

Caffeine. I'm caffeine.
Caffeine. I'm caffeine.

I'm a bad dream.
I'm a rad scene.
I'm a tad mean.
But I'm not afraid to take you out.

I'm a cheetah on the plains, I'm the highway star,
A supersonic princess in a million dollar car,
Blood on fire pumping through my veins,
Weaving in and out while I'm bolting through the lanes,

I'm hyperdrive, overdrive, hit the gas at fifty-five,
Breakneck, trainwreck, in my presence genuflect,
Track-roundin', speed-a-soundin', 'lectrifyin', pulse-poundin',
Heart-pumpin', brain-thumpin', watch me get the party jumpin'.

Caffeine, I'm caffeine.
Caffeine, I'm caffeine.

I'm a bad dream.
I'm a rad scene.
I'm a tad mean.
But I'm not afraid to take you out.

Yo listen up, I hope you like it hot.
Grab yourself a mug, 'cause I made a fresh pot.
Come and get a dose of my kick-ass java.
Fuelin' your addiction with this thick black lava.

We can do up an espresso, or the cappuccino way.
Sure to get your fix, venti or grande.
Sugar, Splenda, Equal, maybe Sweet'N Low.
Everybody's happy when they hanging with Joe; let's go.

Caffeine, I'm caffeine.
Caffeine, I'm caffeine.

I'm a bad dream.
I'm a rad scene.
I'm a tad mean.
But I'm not afraid to take you out.

Now have a lyric video.

Now if you'll excuse me. I need to go listen to this song for the 500th time today.

since the banner is gone due to the recent update, should we replace it with something from volume 4?

So where's the latest attempt to make a RWBY discord group, and will i need to make one myself?

would anyone like to help proof read a story i've written called TRAS and SPRS? it's a crossover between equestria girls and rwby that, when i tried to submit it, it said there were too many grammar errors to get released onto the site

Not eternal, you bundle of sticks.

I think I get why Yang couldn't Handle Adam in that fight. Let me Cut to the Point No matter what, the situation what just out of her Hands, Adam was just really Handy with that sword of his.

liked this comment if you joined RWBY because you saw that death battle
Just released literally a week ago from today.

All aboard the hype train destination: foaming mouth fan base population: every last one of us

372930 this group is not dead, just in the eternal sleep.

Hello, let us hope this group is still active. I will be watching it carefully.
Sincerely yours,
-The Former Director of Project Freelancer

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