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Blade Crysto

Don't mess with a half-breed...ever:pinkiecrazy:


i feel dead inside now... · 11:25am Dec 30th, 2015

i am very torn. and he hasn't made one for the peace corp

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some quiz results

thats what you think...
first shorty, now his brother...

damn straight!

The Changlicorn...

That's right. I'm an alicorn/changeling hybrid(genetically at least by appearance I'm just a male alicorn). My coat is a bright emerald green,pure white mane, with deep blue eyes. I use all the spells a normal unicorn/alicorn can use except they have a flame like effect added to them. A weird ability of mine is that I'm able to heal myself and others using only my magic. I can fight with all but nun-chucks in terms of normal weaponry.( on a side note I have a short temper and am mentally unstable at times so please bear with me or let me know if I start to become annoying...) I also do follow for follow.(and if you want to do an oc/show character ship, Use my character to your hearts desire.:pinkiehappy:)
founder of:United Gamer Ponies
I have a fan group apparently...
this explains things...

The frick?! No!(I don't see how. I hate spiders)

Couldn't be more right!

fav ponies: screwball,pinkie pie, derpy hooves, Luna
least fav: cheese sandwich
waifu pony: screwball
theme song:

gifs to you

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Dm me,direct message on fimfiction if you wish to know more. The mail thing

Dm? Sorry i don't get on discord very often, so i don't know the terms.

not on a server but i've invited him to mine if you want to know more please dm me

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