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I created this group so people can chat look at all sorts of stories and if you want me to look at ur story or add ur story your welcome to ask me =D

P.s just not to many clopfics please (I don't have anything against them I just don't particularly like them)

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Hey! Hey! Don't leave me behind! :rainbowwild:

Know, that's why I offered to post it!:rainbowkiss:
Feel free to look at some other stories if you want to!:pinkiesmile:

360476 right...:twilightblush: but still cool story

Thanks. It isn't really I who wrote it, I merely post it as a favour to my friend out side of FIMfiction who wrote it, since I thought that it had really good potential!:scootangel:
Thanks for the follower!

360213 sure keam ill look at your story and i will add it as well :twilightsmile:

Um, hello?
Could you please look at my story The wrath of can? And can I add it to the group too?:fluttershysad:
I would really like to see some more comments on it, and maybe some more likes?
P.S you need to create a folder if people are going to be able to add stories!

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