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a home-grown australian who embraced being a member of the fandom 2 days before joining. Willingly delved into the fandom whole-heartedly and has never looked back


Apologies for lack of Updates · 1:25am February 26th

As many may have become aware, aside from the latest chapter to I'm Peni Parker. What the FUCK? I haven't updated any of my fics since last week, despite saying in my latest update for Peni that i intended to return to posting fic updates.

This has been for several reasons, though one more pressing is, the day after I posted the update to Peni's fic, i found out i'm sharing my room with an unwanted roommate of the rodent variety.

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I like your Fall of Equestria Story, What do you think of one where a Dainn from an alternate universe faces his version of The Fall of Equestria stories?

I noticed you deleted some of your stories.... why?:rainbowhuh:

Comment posted by LH45 deleted January 5th

Wasn't expecting it to hurt this time seeing Nyx and the Sunset popped onto a bookshelf for finished stories. Might have to do with the fact I've been watching you for almost a decade now. I wish I'd written it to the end. Hope things are going well for you. :twilightsmile:

Understood. When you're ready, I'll be here. :twilightsmile:

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