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This group is for the fics that at set either during, after or even before the fic, Living Nightmare but clearly set within its universe.

The Rules are as follows:

1. Be kind to other members. Any cruelty will result in warning. If the cruelty continues, banishment.

2. No flaming.

3. Fics must have some connection to Living Nightmare. If the fic is not directly within the universe of Living Nightmare, it is not allowed.

4. Cannon fics (fics I give the approval of being cannon) are the only ones allowed in the Cannon Folder.

5. No Nyx fics. Nyx is her own filly and her world's universe should not be compared to Living Nightmare. If you want to add a crossover where Nyx and Stellar meet that's fine, but not fics that have nothing to do with the Living Nightmare universe.

6. All fics must be approved before being added to the Cannon Folder. Non-Cannon or undecided fics may go into the Non-Cannon Folder as soon as you want.

7. NO CLOP! Any fics mentioning it without detailing it or ones that are just implying it is fine, but other wise, NO!

(More rules will be added when I think of them)

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