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coverart by 0Bluse (thanks for the help finding them, luckyboys121)and can be found HERE. Found it in a blog and the idea just popped into my head.

Twilight Sparkle is the top student of Crystal Prep... but she does not like being there. Everyone is always trying to one up each other and no one wants to be friends.

The only person who shows her any care is her sister-in-law, Dean Cadance, now that her brother is long since gone from the school and the only real friend she has there is her dog, Spike.

Thankfully, something odd has been occurring not too far from Crystal Prep's rival school, Canterlot High, that has been keeping her mind off those sad parts of her life. She has been noticing some very weird reports and energy readings from there.

However, her research into the odd events come to both a grinding halt and something rapidly advance when, late one night, she finds a box on her house's front doorstep and, inside the box, is little purple pony with a horn and wings. Unbeknownst to her, it's her Pony Counterpart, Princess Twilight Sparkle.

Only there's one small problem: She's a baby, a PONY baby and now Twilight finds herself taking care of a foal with powers that make her shudder. No matter how bad tempered a baby her brother tells her she was, this foal eclipses her tantrums but dimensions.

Fun fact: I actually came up with this idea shortly after Friendship Games, not Ail-icorn.

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"is little purple purple"

is a little purple pony*

Dunno who did the coverart, found it in a blog

By that logic, wouldn't the person who made the blog have drawn the picture?

I can't remember. i don't think so, but i don't even remember the blog now, so i'm stuck at a dead-end either way there

Sitting in the open box, forelimbs over the edge, looking up at her in confused pleading was what looked like a baby pony. But… it wasn’t a normal pony. For one, it was the same colour as her skin, but, most glaringly, it had what looked like a horn atop its head and wings on its side.


That looks great, Autumn.

What kind of timey wimey sheninigans are going on here? :pinkiegasp:

Did the pizza employee got arrested?

The artist is named 0Bluse

Here's a link to the original picture

Oh snappers. Wonder how the timeline of characters and events will be like with this story. So question did princess Twilight get turned into a baby or was she born like this and abandoned? Can't wait for more to come!!

This promises to be hilarious. Let's hope there will be more soon. :pinkiehappy:

Wow that seems interesting this should be fun so far I like it

Twilight found little Twily. At least they probably getting along better than another little prismatic pegasus.

I predict the next chapter would start with following scene:
Little Twily : Hi, my name is Twilight Sparkle. Would you adopt me please?
Sci-Twi: < Brain currently in blue screen. Attempt to reboot in one minute... >

Look forward to the next chapter.

aggravatingly, no.

legally, he did nothing wrong, so the police can't do anything about it.

the many people he caused problems for though? They're suing his ass.

My theory on why Princess Twilight's a baby:

Starlight Glimmer.

Twilight couldn’t help smiling at how cute the baby Alicorn was, snuggled up next to Spike as the two slept.

A couple years later...
Sunset: I kinda hope Sci-Twi would have take a photo of baby Princess Twilight in a bath tub. She must looked really cute back then.
Dog Spike: She sure was.
Princess Twilight: I am glad my human counterpart didn't have camera back then.
Sci-Twi: [thinking] 'Actually I have some on my smartphone. I even used it as my screen background for a few months.'

I feel bad for the other Spike he probably misses his Mama/Big Sis.

Great job again, also theory being Starlight pulled a not big brain play.

That's so cute!

I don't think so. But if it was Glimmer, then she won't have any reason to put baby Twilight in front of Sci-Twi's house. If I was the perpetrator, I would put her in the wooden box and dump it on the running truck so she would be towed away far from the city with little chance of coming back. Plus, we could not rule out the possibility of magic mishap from the portal itself.

Despite all the possible causes for her being an infant now, you need someone who is not a true villain, have a sick sense of joke, and know exactly who Sci-Twi was (not to mention know where she lives) to put her to the place she is likely not to be harmed.

Yeah, but does Starlight know about the human world at this point in time? No, she does not. This story takes place before the season 5 finale, therefore Starlight is still plotting her revenge against Twilight. It could be possible that Starlight discovers the story about the Pillars and the Sirens, and gains the idea to "trap" Twilight into that other world, only for Twilight to be sent to her human counterpart by coincidence

As for why she's a baby, I believe that Starlight turned her into one to ruin her chances of coming back to Equestria. This also coincides with what you said:

I would put her in the wooden box and dump it on the running truck so she would be towed away far from the city with little chance

Because that's (at least for me) what I feel Starlight would do at this point in time, and basically what she did if I'm right.

Sent to the doorstep in a cardboard box? I would say this spell was so details it would make Starswirl faint from its grandness.
Moreover, if this scenario (place the cardboard box in front of the house) was a result of a spell, I am certain Sci-Twi's device would have gone frenzy when it happened.

Remember, this story takes place two months before the Friendship Games. She might not have made the device yet. If your talking about the device at the end of Rainbow Rocks, then I don't think it would go haywire over the spell as it was (as far as I know) only focused on CHS, not the whole of Canterlot.

As for the cardboard box, I think Starlight could've still placed Twilight in the box before sending her to the human world.

Either way, it's just a theory.

The prologue implied Sci-Twi already had a device, possibly the first prototype, since she already noticed TWO surges from Canterlot High. It probably had neither a portable design nor has a magic absorption ability yet, but definitely could detect magic from a distance. If there is any spell near her house, there is a high chance she would detect it.

Yeah, you might be right about that. Though if she did have a device and my theory's right, perhaps it was at a point where it doesn't function yet. Either way can we just agree (both you and me and the people reading this) how absurd this whole argument has been?

I mean, we are arguing over a theory of a fanfic for a spin-off of a show about colorful magical ponies who shoot rainbow lasers powered by the power of friendship. I mean, if you don't find it weird, I don't know who will.

How dare you say that to my starlight

I dare to say it because I can... Also it fits her character (at least for me) in season 5.


Fun fact: I actually came up with this idea shortly after Friendship Games, not Ail-icorn.

no that's impossible

Oh but it is, Saria and Link. Because you see, I have learned a power not as great as friendship, but nearly as powerful as it: the power of Context *Maniacal Laugh*.

Hello i never said anything about the power of friendship! Tbh i never believe in the power of friendship my theory is between discord? or ??? Anyway what about my picture? Good?

Your profile picture is good, and we're in a site where the power of friendship shoot rainbow lasers. If anything, I insulted the Power of Friendship by having context be it's rival.

So do you think the true culprit is discord? or starlight?

I think that Starlight's responsible. Sure the "baby in the box" thing might be a Discord thing, but at this point of the show, Starlight had the proper motive and power to do this to Twilight.

I hate to admit but you got a point. Uh but why? Though

Pardon me, but I don't quite understand your question.

The reason for starlight doing that and I'm sorry about 10 hour ago

It's no problem, I understand, different time zones and all.

To answer your question, I don't actually know why she'd do that. But if you think about it, trapping your enemy in another dimension is something the show has done before. The Dazzlings' backstory is proof of this; and taking into account that this is an alternate universe fanfic (meaning that the lore might be different), what if instead of reworking Starswirl's time travel spell, Starlight discovered and reworked the portal spell Starswirl used on the Sirens? And by reworking it, she made sure that the spell will make Twilight into an infant to ruin her chances of coming back to Equestria. It's actually a really clever plan, because Twilight would have to wait for years before she could figure out how to return. The best part is, Twilight might not even survive that long, Starlight just disposed of Twilight without anyone knowing her whereabouts.

What Starlight didn't anticipate however, was that she sent Twilight to her human counterpart.

Though, do keep in mind that this is just a theory, and that I might be extremely wrong in all of this.

Ok can we talk later you ruin my time with My Future boyfriend akihiko and sorry my English!!

“It was right after you woke up,” Spike pointed out, scratching behind an ear. “Our brains don’t always pickup everything right away when we wake.”

Good going Spike!

That's really cute!

:scootangel:quite good so far this story has a place in my "something cute" shelf:raritywink:

This story is great! Really enjoying it. Can’t wait for the next update.:twilightsmile:

This is lovely so far.

welcome back Autumn , good luck with the new year. Things still suck

sorry, i mean Autumn, dangit. I'm still half awake.

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