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Edit 14/3/2019: Had to remove the Drama tag because I wasn't allowed to save edits to the description due to too many tags due to the new rules.

I was enjoying a quiet day at work, when I suddenly find myself in what I can only describe as what a person high on drugs would see, before a blinding rainbow light slams into me and knocks me unconscious.

Upon awakening, I find something very off, not only about my surroundings, but myself. For one, I seem to have become a small horse and a female one at that.

I also seem to be in a forest of some kind. Hang on. Is this the Everfree?

Oh, great. What do i do now?

Well, having powers on par with a Chaos Lord certainly might come in handy. Let's see what i can do with them, shall we?

Sex tag for sexual references and teen for teen reasons, plus a lot crass swearing.

And, just be warned, that random tag is serious. Random shit will happen in this fic, so be wary of that when entering and DO NOT expect anything to just be normal at any point.

In Popular Stories 31/12/2015. What a way to end the year!

Featured 24/7/2016. Okay. Honest to God did not see that coming.

Featured again 31/7/2016. Wait. What?

Featured 5/8/2016. Someone's pulling my leg here, right?

Featured again 26/8/2016. No. Wait. WHAT?

Despite everything, got Featured 16/2/2017. Just hope the next update does this justice

In Featured 2/07/2017. Um... How? Don't get me wrong, I'm glad, but... how?!

Seriously? Featured 23/7/2017?

Featured 28?7/2017. .... Um, HOW?

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Plot bunnies can be mean sometimes, you better let them out sometimes or you'll risk repeating that scene from Alien)
And congrats with story number 50!

good take on this not many screwball fics i look forward to reading more:pinkiesmile: now tracking

Uh oh!

“Um, okay?” Zecora says uncertainly. “Um... where are your family, little one? Would you like me to return you to them?”


I hope Screwball gets some payback on that bitch Spoiled.

And , maybe Screwball cam be friends with her new sister and the crusaders.

Should you really be cheering about having 50 stories when many of them have barely gone anywhere? :trollestia:

It is not my intention to nitpick or spoil your fun, but I thought I might point out a few things that bothered me...and generally I probably wouldn't even care if it weren't for the fact that's it tripping up my pacing as I read through the story.
I open my eyes and turn my head. I’m in a small {}>{clearing}<{}, surrounded by trees.
Before I can really think very far about it though, a horrible {}>{odor}<{} reaches my now far more sensitive nose and I clamp my hooves over it, grimacing. if it is an alternate spelling of the word to end with 'ure' I apologize. I've never seen it spelled that way before.

It smells like somebody left a corpse out in the sun for ages and ages and ages and then covered it in vinegar and set it on fire. Bleah!
And don’t ask me how the hell I know what that smells like, cos even I don’t know how I know and it’s probably better I never ask.

Clearly you've never tenderized or butchered red meat at a BBQ.

... cos even I don’t know how I know...

I find that I prefer the use of 'cause to cos, it just makes following the yellow brick road so much easier. It's a matter of preference in much the same way european english adds the extra u because they want to remind themselves that 'u are important.' And, ironically enough given the nature of the aforementioned statement, some snobs will still harp on Americans for being prideful.

The stallion sighs, taking off his glasses and looking down. “Not quite. She’s alive, but...” he sighs again. “She will never wake up, Mr. Rich. She will always be asleep.” ... “Don’t tell my husband about this,” she says after some time. I frown at her tone. Again, it’s not one of concern, it’s one of annoyance. Keep her alive if you must, my husband is so soft he’d probably become a ball of mush if she died. He’d be useless to me after that.”

I see, it's so obvious now, Discord is Spoiled. Spoiled is Discord. Yes!

An interesting start. I hope to see more soon.

'Tis the way to start a new year:pinkiehappy: With a smile on your lips and a big load of happy friends to share that smile with:eeyup:

Happy New Year my friend!

(reads description)

And, just be warned, that random tag is serious. Random shit will happen in this fic, so be wary of that when entering and DO NOT expect anything to just be normal at any point.

Pinkie Pie random, Discord random or... Sam and Max random? :rainbowhuh:

Oh, a new chapter so soon? Nice~ :pinkiehappy:
And found an error for ya :twistnerd:

“I damn you leave at once!”

That....was....the...most...(waits 10 minutes)COOLEST,FUNNIEST, THINGTHATIVEREADSOFAR!!!!!:rainbowkiss:

Prank RD, then run off to Pinkie Pie or Fluttershy to see how they react to her chasing after a little filly? :pinkiecrazy:

more plz?:pinkiesad2:

This looks to be the start of something beautiful:pinkiecrazy:
I fancy myself quite the fan of chaos if I do say so myself:raritywink:

This reunion familiar it's... ~~SO HILAROUS~~ :rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh:

6793865 you do realize she's really a pony, she was just being humanoid during sleep... and experimentation:trixieshiftright:

6793798 TFS = Team Four Star = Dragonball Z Abridged = Muffin Button.

I'm sorry I normally like your stories but... this is on par with making your prequel story to Living Nightmare a Dr.Who Crossover, which was totally unnecessary. You killed all the actual interesting drama when you had your character erase their own memories for some 'fun'.

6793919 technically, she still has her memories, they're just a bit faded so she doesn't feel complete grief. it sure wouldn't help feeling that way and having Spoiled on her back.

6793930 Your still killing story telling opportunities. I'm sorry but that combined with the blogs you just put up, it seems like your getting lazy. I don't want to sound mean but your one of my favorite authors here and I'd rather not see your quality slip.

She could have a male body too, or she can't?

6793990 who ever said she didn't at one point? She was experimenting, after all.:trixieshiftright:

6793935 i wouldn't say i'm getting lazy. i just was wondering if it would be better to go with Human Equestria for those mentioned stories. And, as for the memories thing here, like i said before, combined trauma with Spoiled Bitch and it wouldn't have ended well, for anypony

6794049 It just comes off as lazy. I'd rather have seen them freak out then just have them lock away their memories

Good story. I hope you push out the next chapter soon:raritywink:

I enjoyed it auite a bit. I thought you got rainbow and rarity with just the right thing, though putting diamond and spoony in the hospital may have been a bit to far. Also thank you for not having filthy be a complete asshole.


putting diamond and spoony in the hospital may have been a bit to fa

Remember, this is Spoiled we are talking about. Diamond and Silver could easily have just slept it off, but Spoiled is, well, spoiled.

thank you for not having filthy be a complete asshole.

Well, i simply went with what i know of Filthy Rich and, in the show, i don't really see anything to suggest he's an asshole, thus, i felt no need to write him us such. a bit vain when it comes to money? maybe. a little bit of the cheeky side with what he did to granny? Sure. An asshole. Eenope.

6801386 i actually hadnt thought it was spoileds doing that they were put in there, that certainly lowers my thoughts on how sever it was.

Ruffian sounds cuter than ragamuffin in my humble opinion, I like it when girls say the word for whatever reason I find it adorable. You may have also misspelled move 'mvoe' or similar.

I thought ScrewBall was that light Blue unicorn from the asylum in the episode where rainbow breaks her Wing?

It just come to my mind that Screwloose and Tiara look alike. One could easily impersonate the other. It would be fun if everyone confound those two and wonder why Tiara have trade her Tiara for a spinning beanie. :derpytongue2:

Agreement. Should have had the filly's try to wave the smell out the bathroom window, a la "Dumb and Dumber". >_<

I Princess Screwball dub the as my new favorite writer

The word Until has been replaced with Unless when 'Screwy' chats up the other elements of harmony. Clearly, there are forces of chaos at work here.

I shrug. “Yeah, but we’re totally different ponies when it comes to personality, at least for the moment. Me being mistaken for Tiara would be...” I trail off, before smirking. “Fun. I think I know somepony who could use that packed lunch, today after all, Randolph.”

I laughed an evil laugh when i read that

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