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Apologies for lack of Updates · 1:25am Feb 26th, 2022

As many may have become aware, aside from the latest chapter to I'm Peni Parker. What the FUCK? I haven't updated any of my fics since last week, despite saying in my latest update for Peni that i intended to return to posting fic updates.

This has been for several reasons, though one more pressing is, the day after I posted the update to Peni's fic, i found out i'm sharing my room with an unwanted roommate of the rodent variety.

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My Travels · 3:52am Mar 18th, 2021

I've been thinking on these thoughts for quite a long while now (almost a full decade, by this point:twilightsheepish:) and I've put it off many times, so, I'm putting it out to all of you.

as several of you know, along with being here on Fimfiction, I also have a Youtube channel that also is called Autum Breeze, where most of my content is just small vlogs and several reviews of movies/TV shows.

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knowing about Spring Breakdown is a serious advantage · 5:00am Jul 10th, 2020

Something occurred, like FULLY occurred to me over the week, specially Wednesday morning (1:45am) as i was brushing my teeth before heading for bed.

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We're back... but it's likely slow going. · 4:51am Jun 3rd, 2020

So, in answer to the MANY people who keep asking when i'm going to update any of my fics despite my having a blog that explains WHY they've ALL been left unupdated over the last 3-4 months, my library is open again, so i should be able to finally get back to writing.

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Expecting a very likely long hiatus · 1:22am Mar 20th, 2020

Don't panic, yet. hear me out first.

as i mentioned in the author's note of the chapter of the tagged fic yesterday, things have gotten trickier for me regarding writing.

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The Lost Audio · 12:17am Oct 31st, 2019

On this night of Halloween, what better time to find the morbid things the world keeps hidden?

Stories never told, legends forgotten; throughout human history, these are the things that plague the unwary soul, revealing dark secrets the world should never have revealed.

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This... could be a problem · 2:11am May 17th, 2019

So, in my last two blogs I talked about how the main website I use to download my videos, https://www.clipconverter.cc/ has given me a few annoyances over the last couple months, but that tended to resolve themselves after a while.

well, today a new problem seems to have arisen... that could be more problematic and permanent an issue.

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and there it goes again · 2:09am Mar 29th, 2019

Edit 29/3/2019 1:50pm Huh. Clipconverter is working again already? That was a lot faster than i expected

i'm not happy about this. very annoyed, actually. VERY annoyed.

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I guess that's another one gone... though i may get it back later. · 1:49am Feb 1st, 2019

i'm not happy about this. very annoyed, actually.

over the latter half of last year and for most of this current month i have mostly relied on a website known as https://www.clipconverter.cc/ for the majority of my video downloads, along with occusionally https://keepvid.site/ and https://ytmp3.cc/ whenever there was a slight issue like copyrighted music being in a video preventing the first from converting it.

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Time skips · 12:52am Jan 19th, 2019

so, I've honestly been struggling with two fics because how long it will take from their current point to getting to season 7, the movie and season 8, where the main characters' presence changes a lot of things and i really wanna get to them and having to write them into all those episode events or even in passing of them is seriously dragging me down.

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