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a home-grown australian who embraced being a member of the fandom 2 days before joining. Willingly delved into the fandom whole-heartedly and has never looked back


Sometimes, a twist of fate really is beyond expected.

One second, I'm just minding my own business and the next, I'm in Equestria and Bloom from Winx Club.

But not just any Bloom. I'm 4kidz Winx Club Bloom, but I have no idea from when in the show.

Not only that, I'm not even in Equestria proper. I'm in the Dragon Lands. And what's this about a Dragon Princess and what in the world does it have to do with me?

Daphne keeps showing up too, warning me against a horrible future I must prevent.

Whatever the case, life certainly won't be dull anytime soon, I can tell ya that.

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My life was going fine.

I had a loving family, had a somewhat okay job and was just enjoying life.

That all changed when I randomly found myself turned into the villian, Miranda from the show W.I.T.C.H. and now have to worry about whether the Guardians are coming after me or not.

Sure, I've Folded into Equestria, but how much time will that buy me?

I need to find a way home, fast.

Sex tag because of talk of sexual stuff since the main protag used to be an adult.

Wait. Featured 19/9/2022? There's a rather pleasant surprise. Thank you.

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coverart by 0Bluse (thanks for the help finding them, luckyboys121)and can be found HERE. Found it in a blog and the idea just popped into my head.

Twilight Sparkle is the top student of Crystal Prep... but she does not like being there. Everyone is always trying to one up each other and no one wants to be friends.

The only person who shows her any care is her sister-in-law, Dean Cadance, now that her brother is long since gone from the school and the only real friend she has there is her dog, Spike.

Thankfully, something odd has been occurring not too far from Crystal Prep's rival school, Canterlot High, that has been keeping her mind off those sad parts of her life. She has been noticing some very weird reports and energy readings from there.

However, her research into the odd events come to both a grinding halt and something rapidly advance when, late one night, she finds a box on her house's front doorstep and, inside the box, is little purple pony with a horn and wings. Unbeknownst to her, it's her Pony Counterpart, Princess Twilight Sparkle.

Only there's one small problem: She's a baby, a PONY baby and now Twilight finds herself taking care of a foal with powers that make her shudder. No matter how bad tempered a baby her brother tells her she was, this foal eclipses her tantrums but dimensions.

Fun fact: I actually came up with this idea shortly after Friendship Games, not Ail-icorn.

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Cover art from HERE

Idea given to me by Night--Mist

Twilight Velvet and Night Light leave on a week-long vacation, arranging for Princess Cadance to foalsit filly Twilight. Things start out alright at first, but when Twilight asks about an odd spell she found outside a bookstore that had been shutdown, Cadance tries to stop her.

In trying to get the book away from the young filly, however, their magics collide and Twilight vanishes... but Cadance's belly has suddenly bloated out.

Cadance now has to face an unexpected turn in her life, one Celestia was NOT expecting either.

sex tag for sexual references. might change it down to everyone later depending on how people feel.

Wait, seriously? Featured already 9-11/10/2020?

I mean, I'm not complaining but... I did NOT see that coming.

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This story is a sequel to It's A Screwed Up Life

This is a story about the Sunset from the Wasteland Timeline in It's A Screwed Up Life.

Reading the other story isn't necessarily, well necessary, but will give context, specifically the chapter Tying Up Loose Ends.

Plans can change rapidly, with no time to counter.

Sunset Shimmer learned this the hard way.

She had gone through the mirror and spent her time in that world plotting to take over Equestria, to prove to Princess Celestia that she was indeed worthy of being a princess herself, that Celestia was wrong to expel her as her personal student.

However, those plans are now dead, along with Equestria itself.

If not for a strange filly who could defy the concept of reality itself, she'd have been trapped in a dead Equestria, all on her own, destined to die alone.

Now, she is stuck in the world beyond the mirror... and must face up to all she's done there in her years at CHS, as well as figure out how to move on to a future she never could've foreseen.

Will she be able to pick up the pieces and forge some kind of life for herself in a world that was never her own? Or will she fall into despair, with nothing to live for now that all she knew is gone? And why is there a child who seems to grasp Sunset's pain?

Sex tag is because human world, so duh, and high school, so, obviously talking about it will come up eventually.

Romance is obviously for Flash Sentry since, with this story taking place BEFORE the events of the first movie would've happened, Sunset had yet to break up with Flash prior to entering the portal and unknowingly being trapped on the other side.

If anyone to point me to the owner of the artwork, PM me.

Huh. In Popular Stories 10/08/2020. That is something I needed to brighten my mood after today.

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cover art from here

My day started out great. my work week just finished and I chose to use my first day off to finally go watch the MLP movie in the cinema and the movie was a great experience.


But my day went from great to WTF when I was passing a sushi resturant on the way out of the cinema and suddenly I'm Haku from Spirited Away and I'm in season 2 Equestria... but things are not all as they seem and now I've gotta figure out how to get home... if that's even possible.

Please not that, despite the romance tag, Haku will not have romantic relations with anyone living in Ponyville.

Holy hayburger! Featured 29/2/2020?

Thanks, guys. The date makes this pretty dang cool

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My day was finally going so well. Spent time in the city, got the Pokéball Plus so I can get Mew in my new Pokemon Shield and a Nintendo Switch, which I got far cheaper than normal thanks to the Black Friday sales yesterday and was looking forward to getting home and putting Mew into the game.

Everything was finally going smoothly... until some asshole tries to rob me, I trip defending myself, only to somehow find myself in Equestria as the character Dora the God Damn Explorer.

How I'm supposed to get home or do anything now I'm stuck like this is beyond my understanding and this Equestria's timeline is not like what I know of the show.

For the record, this is NOT a Displaced fic, so if you don't like those, don't worry.

Sex tag is because MC used to be an adult man and merely is for when they talk about mature topics, nothing more.

Note: I have added translations to things spoken in Spanish in the author's notes of each chapter. However, i did not do so for Spanish sentences that get repeated in English within the chapter the sentence appears in itself as that would be a bit redundant. I also will not repeat translations in further author's note after they've already been translated as, if you follow the story, I'm going to assume you've read the ones in previous notes enough to not warrant another translation.

As for the obviously edited cover art, it's from the thumbnail of this weird video Nickelodeon Dora the Explorer Save MLP Frozen Elsa Anna Disney Princesses Storytime Adventure as it was the only reasonably good MLP/Dora image I could find and I think it serves it's purpose enough.

If someone wants to make a better thumbnail for the story, I'd be happy to use it and would indeed credit you, though I doubt anyone will want to waste their time on that and I honestly wouldn't want them to waste their time on it anyway.

I couldn't pay them, so it would literally just be one of those "paid with exposure" situations and I'm not someone who does that bullshit.

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The last few weeks have not been easy.

I'd finally been able to move out of the home I've been living in in the area i've been living in for pretty much my whole life.

The move, setting things up and adapting to my new home's differences and the new location had not been easy.

Still, I'd gladly take that stress over what I'm stuck with now. One moment I'm walking through the city to head back to the house and the next I'm Cozy Glow, hovering between a buffed up Tirek and mutated Chrysalis and it looks like the Rainboom Laser of Death is headed our way.

Oh, and, before we switched places, Cozy somehow became and Alicorn.

What the fuck is going on?!

Was inspired to write this after reading My Life As A Psychopathic Nine Year Old Filly and thought I'd give it a shot, as writing a character stuck as Cozy Glow and dealing with the aftermath of all her shit, especially the finale, would be funny

Featured 19/10/2019.

Wow. Honestly was not expecting that. Thank you, everyone. I will try to do my best to make this story worth that praise.

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Cover art from here

Bored due to there being nothing for her to do, as no Friendship Problems have arisen that have needed her help, Twilight decides to visit her Canterlot High friends and see what's going on.

However, something goes wrong and the portal closes, leaving Twilight stuck on the other side. That's fine though. She can just hang out with her friends and wait it out.

However, it won't be that simple. Though she turned into a human like normal when she arrived, Twilight is now about 6 to 7-years-old and it seems she has access to her magic as if she were still an Alicorn. The human world isn't prepared for this.

AU universe where Friendship Games happened before the Season 5 finale, so Twilight's human self is already transferred into CHS, but pony Twilight has yet to go with Fluttershy on their Friendship Mission.

Rated Everyone for now, but may change it to teen depending on future chapters

Note: Twilight didn't see Sunset's messages in this AU due to them coming whilst she and the girls being away dealing with Starlight, followed by how much she'd been avoiding her castle in the following episode.

Spike is the reason the messages never got answered though, due to Big Mac accidentally knocking the book of it's place on the machine whilst he and Spike were in the library, Spike not being there in time to see it glowing to indicate messages being received, so he just placed it back on there without a thought.

In Popular Stories 22-23/1/2016. A good start to the Year, I feel

Whoa. Featured 3-4/3/2017. Okay, honestly, I really did not see that coming. What?

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Pinkie Pie wants to make a cake for each of her friends, but she just can't get them to taste right. She decides to do the only she can to make it taste just right. Lick her friends to know what flavours will work perfectly.

A short and silly little oneshot I wanted to write based on the ponymotes by the same name. Dub here.

I take no credit for the original idea, that goes to THEELINKER on tumblre. I just wanted to write a story based around it for the shits and giggles.

In Popular Stories 28-29/7/2016.

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