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The last few weeks have not been easy.

I'd finally been able to move out of the home I've been living in in the area i've been living in for pretty much my whole life.

The move, setting things up and adapting to my new home's differences and the new location had not been easy.

Still, I'd gladly take that stress over what I'm stuck with now. One moment I'm walking through the city to head back to the house and the next I'm Cozy Glow, hovering between a buffed up Tirek and mutated Chrysalis and it looks like the Rainboom Laser of Death is headed our way.

Oh, and, before we switched places, Cozy somehow became and Alicorn.

What the fuck is going on?!

Was inspired to write this after reading My Life As A Psychopathic Nine Year Old Filly and thought I'd give it a shot, as writing a character stuck as Cozy Glow and dealing with the aftermath of all her shit, especially the finale, would be funny

Featured 19/10/2019.

Wow. Honestly was not expecting that. Thank you, everyone. I will try to do my best to make this story worth that praise.

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I like it! I look forward to more!

Nows your chance save Tirek and Chrysalis before they hit ROCK bottom

Welp, I wonder what kind of excuse this guy’s gonna come up to prove to the Mane 6 that they’re not really Cozy Glow. :rainbowlaugh:

This has potential though I’m curious how your going to move the story forward I can’t wait for more

You get us curious alright, now lets hope next chapter is a better and longer than this one :D, and hopefully, you don't abandon this fic, like the one is based off, that one I was waiting for long and never got more chapters T.T.

Let's see how many people you have attracted to this place. 12 Thumbs up and 0 downs.

Hmm this story intrigues me. Let the fun commence. :pinkiecrazy:

This is great stuff. Keep it rolling.

Hmmm... sounds like something Discord would give his Seal of Approval to.

Well, I guess this won’t be a problem for you then. Just know the Time Pause Spell I’ve cast will stop about five seconds after I’m done, so if you don’t wanna get hurt, you’ll wanna move fast. Have fun, I know I will.

I don't think you will :moustache:

I look ahead, blinking in confusion. Wait. Why does it look like every creature type from the show is up on that hill far off… and is that Tempest?

First of: cool it's Tempest :coolphoto:

Second: are there more than one zebra (haven't watched the episode), cause if not, Hasbro has disappointed me with Zecora being the only zebra to appear in this entire 9 season series :ajbemused:

I'm interested...

So Cozy took the guys body while said guy is now stuck in Cozy's body, if he is able to get away it would be cool if he tried to find a spell to make his new body into that of an Anthro, after all he is so used to hands he would want them back I'm guessing.

Interesting. Not the first time I've seen this premise, but the first time during this scene. I wonder which path our hero will take from here.
Will they:
A) Pretend to be Cozy Glow and have a "sudden change of heart"
B) Pretend to be Cozy Glow and claim to be only clipped by the Rainbow Laser and thus got purified rather than petrified
C) Tell the truth and pray they believe it
D) Run. Run and teleport away to some noncanon city and try to hide from the ensuing nationwide manhunt.

... I kind of hope he sticks with the two people cozy worked with a bit of a stick together in a world that has it out for them worse now...

Great start looking forward to see where this goes, and how the harmony rainbow will affect "Cozy". As well as seeing how they'll try to play things.

Really needs an editor. Other than that, interesting enough idea.

And this story is now locked on my radar of interesting things to read.

...I’d rather be Cozy Glow than move homes.

Best case scenario currently; Bash your head against a rock and tell them you got amnesia.

Really now? Suddenly, Cozy Glow knows not only time freezing spell, body switching spell, another world looking spell, knows about humans, and can cast it all in the blink of time? After getting horn for afew hours?
She could only throw raw magic and some telekinesis in the show, and that already impressive! She never even learned magic! Magic sucking spell was given to her by Tirek, and Grogar's Bell had it's own manual. What a bullshit.
And that ignoring not just cliche, but template for getting into equestria.

Also, there was no such hills. They stood on pretty flat place.
And rainbow blast was like, 10 meters wide. No dodging will help there.
And if to nitpick, than he should have fallen facefirst into the ground immediately after unfreezing, as Cozy was in air.

Now, it's not poorly written, it's just lazily written. Unimaginative. Illogical, even.
And don't tell me about Alt. Universe excuse. Logic should work everywhere.
I'm not even talking about what might be in the story with "sex" tag when MC is in kid's body.

You have my attention.
I agree with this, though I would of worded it differently in a more um polite maner. Non of his statements are wrong, I’m especially concerned about the Sex tag when Cozy’s a kid. Then there’s the whole aware of humans things. I’d like to see where this go but at the same time I’m pretty sure you want to rework some parts, Cozy Glow wouldn’t know inter dimensional fuckery magic since she was born with wings nor would she have a powerful enough grasp on her magic to do something as absurd as switch with said dimensional being. I gave it a thumbs up cause all his concerns are valid.

The sudden close voice causes me to yelp, my phone and wallet flying out of my hands.

This is why I almost always carry things in my pockets and never in my hands unless I'm using it. Pockets don't have a habit of suddenly opening up at the mere startle.
(Unless you have the kind with pathetically shallow pockets, in which case, dispose of that FILTH at the earliest convenience.)
(Yes, small pockets have hurt me before)

*Le gasp* :pinkiegasp: did not see that coming, just when seeing a human being Cozy glow was interesting, this happens! Can't wait to see whats in store to Cozy Glow 1.5(?)!

My dude, please proof your stories. Or get an editor if you're lazy enough.

Keep up with the good work

I mean there’s probably truth checking magic that twilight knows so it wouldn’t be awful to tell them what happened to you then again you are now (probably) immortal so maybe in time being in cozy’s body will become something you can live with if cozy in your body is dealt with also isn’t Pear Butter dead?

“Pear Butter!”

This probably have to do with Grogar's and Chaotic Pinkie's power

I know that logically Cozy should have a pretty bad time on Earth, but i would find it pretty hilarious if she managed to become a high-level politician, or a CEO of some multinational corporation (one that she created). And who knows, maybe her time on Earth would make her rethink her choices in life.

Cozy Glow fucked up, plain and simple. Not only does she have no magic, no wings and no knowledge of her new world. But she’s gonna have to deal with a more messed up reality. Sunset lucked out, the human world she went to was a parallel universe of her old one, so she could get away with all the stunts she pulled (at least until Twilight showed up) Cozy is not going to be so lucky, especially since unlike in her old world, her innocent act isn’t gonna work.

Pear Butter?! Applejack's Mother!?:pinkiegasp: My first theory would be time travel but that doesn't fit since she found that stuff in the villains lair. So does this mean that MLP diverted from canon in more ways than just Cozy Glows back up plan?

Or the author has maked use of the “Screwball effect” with the tree disease.

Considering that cure was supposed to be multiverse-wide (or at least as much as a Chaos filly could sense)...

Just wait till her first time with Morning Wood. "Why is this happening!?"

Wait...I thought pearbutter died?!

How could she even become one? Doesn’t becoming one require either performing some kind of great feat or being popped out an Alicorn’s fanny?

That's a really good question actually, anyone got any ideas ? :moustache:

Looking back to the hill my eyes widen in absolute horror as Pinkie seems to grow to a massive size, the clouds in the sky turning bright pink as multiple different balloons and types of candy appear and start flying through the sky as Pinkie yells, “I could transform the cosmos so that everything is made of icing!”

Please don't :ajbemused:

I deadpan at that. Really? Lame Six? Good grief, just how old are you, Cozy, eight?

Possibly :moustache:

...I thought her Alicornization was removed by the Rainbow Laser?

She switched bodies with him before the laser hit her and this guy managed to avoid getting hit by it afterward.

It was never directly stated in the show, some could say that it was them leaving to start their own farm but the family didn’t want to leave Granny Smith alone there.

Why’re you talkin’ ‘bout my best stripper? Manages to bring Rarity to the house every once in a while. That stallion is worth my entire business.

My understanding was it created a self-sustaining blob of magic going world to world to fix creatures affected by the disease, so there’ll always be a world with the disease, but not for long.

Not stated in canon, and if there is truth magic, well, it depends on if the character is willing to deal with having a gender swap, they were originally a male, and now they’re a mare. So... duck down around heat season

Monsieur, I do believe that the author isn’t able to do either. Their best bet would probably be a willing candidate such as I, and I’m not able to be a good editor at the moment due to my computer being down, so editing takes me so much longer. So the author needs a volunteer, and there’s the fact they go to the library, so that would mess up their upload schedule.

well, while I don't know if there's a spell for it, there is the Truth Talisman of Tonatiuh. though they would need Ahuizotl's person to use it

I gotcha. All my rigs are out for the count and I'm left with my shattered phone. I also make trips down to my library, just today I hardly made it past the incoming snow storm, brrr. I'd love to reconnect with my prior editing days though, it would be sort of thrilling to get my name out there.

(That being said, my previous comment wasn't intended to be mean or harmful. I'm actually sorry if that came to be, don't hate me too much okay?)

Eh, I’m not the one your comment was addressed to, only the one who addressed it. Nothing to apologize to me for, that should more so be directed at the author, since that’s who you were addressing.
I apologize if I’m getting political, but I don’t understand being offended in someone else’s place, maybe in a book where you’re reading the main character’s mind, or a second person story book, but not in other circumstances.

It happens more often than you think, haha. Also, that snow storm hit full force. There's about 5 inches on the ground today!

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