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It's all in fate.


I wasn't the most consistent fan of My Little Pony, in all honesty. In fact that show wasn't the only thing on my list of interests. For a long while I had left those colorful ponies in the dust. I practically missed seasons 7-8 because I had gotten bored. However... it was the last season that drew me back in. I guess I now know a bit about the show, but not everything. I definitely knew of Cozy Glow however. She was hated by everyone. Well, except me. For some reason I liked her as the mischievous little filly she was. Her character interested me and I wanted to learn more. I wanted to see what kind of history she had. Why did she decide to turn evil? She was probably the only reason I went back to previous seasons.

You could guess how disappointed I was when the finale came up. Instead of helping her, they turned her to stone. Instead of trying to figure out the issue, they left her behind to be forgotten. Everyone cheered and laughed while Cozy, Chrysalis, and Tirek were turned into statues for the rest of eternity. I was displeased. Afterwards I drifted away and instead tried to focus on my work. I had to, after all. I was becoming an adult. I was growing up. Though the stress might pile up on me, I had to keep going. I had to get things done...

I could keep going... couldn't I?

It seems however that the universe had decided to drag me back into a world of rainbows and magic. Imagine my surprise when I suddenly woke up the next day inside a cage in the deepest, darkest chambers of Tartarus. Not only that but also as the small pink bundle of feathers that everyone loathed and despised. A billion questions rang through my head but the most prominent ones of all continuously pounded against my skull: What in the holy hell do I do from here?
And how do I stop what comes next?

The Tirek Who Tolerated Me by Kotatsu Neko
An Unexpected Aftermath by Autumn Breeze

[Note: This is half a self-insert and half not really. This character is different from me but does have a few traits from me as well. Like cursing, I curse a lot, but there are some traits here and there I don't really have.]

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you should add "human" tag

Ok now I’m invested 👀
Interesting AU for this plot line. Really curious to where where this protagonist goes with their new plan of changing the future. Hopefully something that works out better for them all.

"For now, just enjoy whatever the hell is going on with Zeri in her misadventures through a colorful pastel world that wants to see her dead!"

That's a it TOO MUCH! We know what happened to Cozy in the finale. But the Mane Six, Celestia, Luna, the Young Six, The Pillars, even Discord AREN'T FRICKIN Murders!!!! But I like to see our Human Protagonist CRITICIZED the Pony Heroes for wrongfully imprisoned a kid of all people.

Yes, she is very Evil. But you reform Luna, Discord, Starlight, Trixie, Sunset, Tempest, Stygain ( Shadow Pony), Thorax, Diamond Tiara, etc.. What's makes a kid like Cozy Glow different??!!

Hopefully! Thanks for checking out my story

Oh don't worry I over-exaggerate in my notes a lot lol.
Pfft, of course they wouldn't try to murder. I think I would've definitely changed the rating a bit if that were the case.

Oh boy, another dicerollball story to binge!

To be honest I would love cozy reaction to the fact that her universe and any other variation is both observed and created here in what I would like to call the origin universe where God in all his wisdom decided to make us in his image and that includes creating and thus you dear author created this story where one of the universes can interact with ours.

Lol hope I can satisfy your binge-reading~!

Glad to catch your interest! Welcome to whatever this is, I'll try to keep things going like usual

I think her mind would explode like mine just did and she'd have an infinite existential crises to what is real and what's not as I, currently, am wondering if we too are just in another storybook.
It's too early in the morning for this :raritydespair:

So, who saw the title and though Halo Reach Crossover? Cause I did

Sorry but I just thought of you showing up where cozy ‘is’ and explain it to her like you’re one of God’s messengers.

So another brony or person who is familiar with characters of season 9 of my little pony? Well that story starting to get suspiciously familiar.

Seriously always love and enjoy your Cozy Glow stories, and once again you've captured my interest. I can't wait to see how this SI as Cozy Glow will derail everything, and how they'll play things. Heck considering Cozy's past is a complete unknown and mystery they could play any card and angle there in what they let others know, while potentially trying to learn Cozy Glow's true past.

For example perhaps messing with Discord a bit while playing the part of Grogar, by dropping hints that Cozy knows or met the "true" Grogar. Or just coming right out the left field and asking about the new look or accusing Grogar of being a imposter. But seriously besides the whole Discord was Grogar twist, was just disappointed how they did Grogar in the show, so much potential wasted. When Grogar could have been something like the videos/comics below particularly the second one.

If he knows cozy gets turn into stone, then he knows grogar is actually discord, but here he thinks is actually grofar the one to bring them together, is that on purpose, did he only wachted the last episode, but the the chapter before that?

Welp sorry to disappoint :twilightsheepish: but maybe there's more crossovers like that somewhere around here!

God that would be interesting but it's not the kind of story I'm going for. But if that ever happened just put yourself in the character's shoes, how would you react to something like that? Again my mind would just explode.

Lol yeah, it's not unique and so many people have already written or done this trope many times. Really this story is just my own guilty pleasure! :twilightblush: Oh unless you've made a story like that too? I'd have to check it out sometime

Honestly same. There was so much potential for Grogar and for Cozy Glow but it kinda went a different direction. I'll of course work with Discord being Grogar in this story but the twist was a little disappointing. At least to me
Anyways, Zeri with this knowledge is definitely going to change the course of how the show wanted its story to go. However Zeri does also want things to go in a certain direction so this or that could still happen. I can also see her messing with "Grogar" as well. But first things first! Gotta get our edgy boy back
As for Cozy's past, that'll definitely have to come into play somehow. Still working with it atm but I do have some ideas.
(Gonna take a break and check out those videos and comics you just sent real quick :heart:)

Oh no Zeri doesn't think Grogar is Grogar. She knows of course, because she's seen those episodes.
She's just telling Tirek what she wants him to know right now. After all, to gain allies sometimes you gotta keep knowledge to yourself so you're still considered useful.
Zeri just kinda works that way.

Missed opportunity to title this: "Reincarnated as a Villainess - Destruction Flags Activated!"

Mine too but I would accept it that’s something that the finite has that the infinite doesn’t ‘to grow’

Certainly hope you enjoyed those two little comics/videos. A great example of the direction I WISH they had taken with Grogar to be honest.

Anyway pump to see what route you will take with Cozy's past and how Zeri will also play things on that angle, before and after they learn it themselves.

Also won't lie do hope they mess with Discord and play mind games with him, it'd be quite amusing to see this little game and so called plan get turned on him worst than canon. Also won't lie part of me thinks it'd be interesting to see him get put on edge around a little filly and what she knows, and what connection she might have with Grogar. Perhaps gain a fear that the real Grogar is still out there in the shadows after all

I wonder if she is going to go directly when they are alone and say "Discord, I'm not Cozy"

Your not going to take the "destruction of Equestria" route are you?

Lol, dang what a missed opportunity indeed!

I guess I would accept it too but not after freaking out about it first and falling into a state of existentialism

I really did enjoy those videos! Grogar's design and the voice actor and how he was written in those comics really tickled my fancy, lol. I'm not sure if I'll have the real Grogar appear in this story, in all honesty, but that idea you had sounds hilarious. Making Discord think, "Oh no. What if he IS still out there?" Zeri still has to process everything first, and figure out exactly what she wants to do, but I would love some hijinks with her and "Grogar" if I get the chance.

Probably, probably not. Zeri still needs to figure out everything and find out what she wants to do in this strange predicament she's in. Sure telling Discord she's not Cozy could help her out in one way to getting back home... but is that what she wants right now~? I've made this "Sad" for a reason.

HMMMMM We'll have to see :pinkiehappy:

Well, no, but it could help her to avoid the "Bad Ending" of being turned into a bird toilet.

Maybe a path where the main character tries to resolve things with both parties, to avoid the stoning and protect Equestria on the same token??

Now the question is will our lovable little psychopath grow from that experience?

Did anyone else get the impression that Canon Cozy wasn't actually from Equestria in the first place? Like, what world was she sending this magic to?

So, I'm wondering if Zeri will use this notion (whether or not it does anything helpful). Like, Original Cozy was a fine filly who got possessed and sent into the previous body that this malevolent spirit was possessing, and it just moved on to a new target, swapping that new target into the previous body it was possessing (Cozy Glow's body).

Hmm. That would be an interesting story - Pre-possession Cozy sent into a world of humans who have seen MLP. She'd recognize the merch and then be appalled at what the spirit did with her body after it made it to Equestria.

First, Tirek believed her, it's obvious. Second, ooh, we're doing 'separation from canon' instead of following it with really minor changes?

Of course! It's time for things to change and Zeri is going to do just that. Plus I don't really want to follow canon to the T in this story, I want this character to actually AFFECT the world around her somehow

There’s been so many fics I’ve binged where it’s re-writes/altU’s of The Beginning of the End, and I’m so invested in this one. Saving Sombra so he can actually STAY in the Legion of Doom? Finally. Cant wait for update<3

Is Zeri ever going to try telling the Princesses about what Discord has been secretly doing?

Honestly always something I've wanted to write is somehow stopping and convincing Sombra to stay. However, I will warn you, there is my own personal twist in the making as well. Not sure if many will agree with it but hey, it's fanfiction! Anything can happen!
PlusIreallymisstheversionofSombrathat'sbigandscaryandnotlikecanon :fluttershysad:

To tattletail on the lord of chaos~ That would definitely cause something for sure. We'll see. For now, one step at a time as Zeri goes. First things first, convincing Chrysalis and Sombra to chill tf out.

Let's get this party started!:pinkiehappy: The plot is rolling and i'm excited to see how it plays out with Zeri in the driving seat. Also won't lie still partial hoping to see her mess with Discord head.

Well it might be a bit different but don't worry, I'm excited to write it~

It would seem that newCozy wants to stop King Sombra from doing stupid mistakes again. Kind of thought she would want to do that.

Of course, Zeri is very determined to change the course of the villain's story, and her own!

They could find Radiant Hope.

Hmmmm possibly, definitely an idea I could pocket for later~

Imo, I don't see anything else that could sway him over to the good side except for his forgotten childhood friend. Nothing in the show establishes that.

I've been thinking about this for a while and I'm pretty sure nobody else but me has thought of this.

You see, the main cast basically imprisoned a child in inhumane living conditions without any sort of trial or due process. I mean, how the hell is Cozy Glow supposed to sleep or even go to the bathroom? In fact, I've noticed that pretty much all of the villains can be punished or pardoned based purely on the whims of a select few individuals. This is not how you run a modern society.

So I'm wondering if NOT!Cozy is going to write up an Americal style constitution of inalienable rights in order to prevent something like that from ever happening again.

*sigh* like the origin human she is Zeri pokes at fate rewriting the story from its original direction trying to bring a form of balance that could backfire on her but she’ll try she has tirek on her side.... I think..

Very Good Supervision on that Topic. I hope our Human/Cozy Glow criticize this to the Main Six, Celestia, Luna, Young Six, Etc..

This...was a very clever twist! Well done! Now we have a conflict with uncertain consequences and a plot worth following.

Oh I'd definitely love to write Zeri in situations like that where she gets into some pony politics.

Thank you Mac! :twilightsmile: I can't wait to write more, I have so much planned. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I personally wish Zeri luck, but it's not going to be easy what she's trying to do

I don’t understand why they wouldn’t you just fake it until they got alicorn powers and then leave right away? Like this legit confuses, this gal knows the script, everyone there is super freaking evil. Sombra is pro slavery(Unless you count the Archives in which case he’s possessed by Umbras which you need Radiant Hope to asspull him a good exorcism), Queeny while one of my more favorite character is pro parasitic Hive Mind, and Tirek is described as Pure Evil, so Evil that he spends most of his time thinking of Evil scams that freaking work. The only person I thought deserved a second chance was Cozy because fucking hell they did her wrong.

Well, Zeri started really far away from when she would ever really get alicorn powers. I don't think she'd want to sit through the whole thing, following the whole script, just to get wings and shooty alicorn magic when she's never had that kind of power before, especially as a human. Heck she doesn't even know how to fly well. (Besides I don't think any of us want to go through something we've already seen before, unless we were really determined to, just to get an end result)

And sure, everyone in this group she's with is super evil. But let's be honest here, a lot of villains in the show itself were considered super evil before they got reformed. Like Discord. No one thought he would get a second chance, and yet he did.

Plus if she did follow the script up until alicorn magic then the other two would be off to go try and conquer Equestria before failing and getting imprisoned and Zeri does NOT want that. She doesn't really want that future for those villains like how she didn't want King Sombra to get disintegrated. It's not because they're all her favorite characters, but she herself doesn't see it as right.

Well I did not see THAT coming! But seriously brilliant just absolutely brilliant twist, and it really actually makes sense that the Sombra we saw in that season wasn't the REAL Sombra. But this most surely throws everything out of the window canon style, and really really makes Discord out as a bigger jerk than you think.

Seriously with this revelation it just adds more fuel that he should have gotten the stone treatment along side the other three, instead he didn't get any kinda of punishment, I mean seriously what the heck?!

But yeah very very interested in how things will play out next from here.

Hmm unreformed villains? Well the first one that come to mind are the Dazzlings but their in the mirror world. I think Tempest little pal Grubber is reformed but we never saw him again after the movie. Same goes to those Storm Creatures that served as Storm King's army.

Storm King himself is dead shattered into little bitty pieces! So yeah he's likely not to come back they could put the pieces together but not sure if that would be enough without some powerful magic necromancer or otherwise.

There's Ahuizotl if you can swing the revelation of Daring Doubt a good way I suppose, frankly I was on fence about it. Disappointed because he had potential as a villain, but also enjoyed it because really showed what a jerk Daring Do has unknowingly been and the damage she's caused. Heck technically with what happen in canon she's a villain not only taking artifacts and hording them, destroying ancient temples and artifacts, but also smearing the names of others.

I'll admit not a lot of villains come to mind since by this point they were either reformed or out of the picture somehow. That is unless you plan on adding villains from previous generation but putting your own spin on them?

That honestly makes more sense, in a abnormal kind of way.

Ah, a variant of "Sombra was a phony" theory, which according to the show and tvtropes, its an 'epileptic tree' theory, due to Rarity's reaction and words despite her appearance and witnessing of the siege. It can somewhat be disproven as no longer an epileptic tree theory since the big fake out of Grogar since he's Discord and maybe it's possible that Sombra is still a phony and still dead. The horn wasn't present after all. Thanks to that it could be possible to recanonize "Siege" but in a new way.

Villains in the show that hasn't reformed? Ehhhh, they aren't quite villains, just jerky people but I guess it might count. Most of them appear in the comics. Unless you want to try Pony of Shadows and Mean 6? I don't think they need it since they are literally made of evil.

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