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A lot can change from one argument. Cozy Glow wanted nothing more but to be somepony else. Anyone else. Instead, she was this little powerless pegasus that did nothing but what her mother demanded... what her mother planned! She was sick of mother's plans. She was sick of her own name! So, the filly took it upon herself to pack her things and run.

She had some family in the Crystal Empire. Perhaps it would do her some good to visit them? Maybe they could understand her issue. Maybe they could help her?

What she didn't know however was that her greatest mistake would be stepping into the Empire itself. After she walked in... she never came back out.
When King Sombra took over and dragged the entire empire along with him down his one thousand year banishment a little filly was caught in the crossfire.

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I mean, technically being a thousand years old would explain how they were allowed to shove her into Tartarus...


I am so loving this and i'm quite eager for more.:pinkiehappy: Will we see Cozy get involved into the MLP events more than she did in canon after the Crystal Empire returns, since this is a Alternate Universe?

Well most of this story is going to focus on the Crystal Empire first but as for future MLP events? I haven't exactly decided in all honesty. I can confirm the alliance of the three villains will be part of this story and I know what direction I want to take and I know the ending but the in-betweens I'm still working on so- hey! We'll see as I write! I'm literally in the same boat as you right now on what happens in the middle :twilightsheepish:

Well I look forward to reading whatever you decide on the end. :pinkiehappy:

Oh no, that's just why it was legal. The moral justification was probably more along the lines of "her only real friend lives there" and given that this is Equestria that may genuinely have been how Celestia tried to rationalize it.

And the fact that her parents weren't around when she pulled all that crap. Could you imagine taking one single trip to your relatives home then suddenly waking up a thousand years later? When you think about it, that fact alone would make her feets even more impressive since she would have to adapt to a millennium difference from her original time. You know, if this was canon.

well lets see how it goes eh

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Yeah Probably. Don't know what's going on but probably.

Brilliant work I just really love how your writing Cozy Glow, and I think emphasizing how she wasn't always the power hungry villains she is today is a wonderful route to take. As you can see from this chapter she not only cared for her family and friends but was quite the brave little hero, which makes her fall from grace all the more tragic.

I really think your shaping Cozy to be very very interesting characters indeed, far more so than she got in canon that's for sure.

Brilliant all around another brilliant emotional chapter.:pinkiehappy:

Thanks Night! I can't wait to show more in the future

Well I'm addicted to this story and seemly can't take my eyes off it until I finish it.

I'm glad you like it! It might take a while for the next update though because for this story I'm challenging myself to write at least 5k words each chapter :facehoof:

Thank you for commenting though! And for the watch. It makes me feel better about this story. I've kinda been unsure about it for a while but I still want to finish it someday! So thanks! :heart:

just be careful not to accidentally write yourself into a corner many good stories have died because of that

I'll keep that in mind! Definitely don't want to do that.

I wonder if Sombra spends time with cozy? a king spending a bit of time to traumatize a filly a few mind games and games when he boards and her desperate to stay her but changes to keep him from throwing her into the mines losing more people she cares about and maybe a dash of misunderstanding and betrayal maybe Sombra will be cruel enough to erase memories?

I’m really curious to see how everything goes down with cozy and the dark shard

Alright, I think this might be the best explanation for Cozy Glow I've ever read. Will be interested to finish this!


Now I will actually read this quality content.

I hope to be able to satisfy that curiosity later down the line~

Aww thanks Kevin! I'm glad you like my story enough to call it quality content lol. I'm gonna try to get in some more action in the next chapter.

Thanks Ninja! The idea just came to me one day, so I wanted to explore it~! Thank you for reading :heart:

Another brilliant chapter and it seems Cozy Glows fall has truly begun, with her ambitions starting to aim higher and take a darker turn.

To sad Sombra and Hope story wasn’t in the show. It was really good

Man, i really love this setting and story, cant wait dor you to make more of this.

oof. Its gonna be interesting how this all comes together. I’m enjoying this take on how sombra rose to power in the crystal empire though.

Yeah I wanted to explore more of the Empire than just making it only about Cozy getting accidentally banished.
Plus I like to write a lot. The story isn’t done until I say it is :twilightsmile:

Quite the epic chapter. Now if only I could get my brain to stop autocorrecting Tidal Swirl to Tilda Swinton.

Imagining Tilda Swinton in place of Tidal Swirl instead sounds ridiculous xD

I keep reading Tidal Swirl's name as 'Tide Pod'.:ajbemused:

Oh no not you too :rainbowlaugh:

Tidal Swirl did not suffer for this!

She must never know what we have done XD

Is this story about time traveling Cozy Glow? Kind of hard to believe that this pony was evil.

Well I wouldn't call it time traveling. More like accidentally banished.

Well the story took an unexpected turn for Cozy, the whole failure in retriving the Crystal Heart operation was doomed before it's began as expected.

But the free pass of amnesia to everypony in the empire wasn't expected but then again I haven't watch Season 3 in years but I remember the Crystals ponies not remembering anything in that episode so another cannon event has been ticked off in the checklist.

Now Assistant [REDACTED] is the new protagonist of this story.
For some reason the Assistant is having some deep inner 'doubt' of the position and job as a loyal Assistant to his majesty the King of the Crystal Empire, King Sombre has plenty of time to iron out his memory spell with Co- ...I mean Assistant to make sure that rebellion no. 3 is cancelled.

Assistant will finally have all those unhealthy thoughts of Expresses and power dealt with thanks's to the gracious help from the King of the Crystal Empire, it's not like some Alicorn Sisters are going to crash the party currently at the Empire... wait a second...

oH boy next up bANISHMENT

I feel really bad for what I've been putting Cozy and the rest of the crystal ponies through, honestly, but a lot of this was inevitable. Though I like to put my own twists and turns in the story, like the amnesia event. I tried to come up with a reason why he'd put it on the crystal ponies besides the knowledge of the Heart itself, but what if they managed to actually find it?

Now I'm really excited to soon write Princess Celestia and Luna duking it out with Sombra! With one more pegasus soldier jumping into the mix as well!

But first, want to do something with Hope and Scout~

Another brilliant chapter! I won't lie that moment between Frosty and Cozy after the latter got memory wiped actually brought a tear to my eye.

So now memory wiped Cozy Glow is working as Sombra's personal assistant who has big plans of some kind for her, can only what. Also very interesting to see the seeds being watered so speak and hints of the Cozy Glow we know from the show. What with her angry rant of being empress, and her bitterness at lacking magic like unicorns.

I'm really glad you liked that scene was Frosty and Cozy! I wanted them to at least talk one more time before anything else happened. Originally Cozy was going to be stuck at the top of the tower, watching everything from above, but instead I decided to have her with everypony else down in the streets below. I think that was a better call.

Also yeah, her want for magic to be gone and her need to be an Empress just really melded well with the Empire's story. I had to put it in somewhere, of course! After all, it was unfair that the crystal ponies had no other magic except with the help of the Heart, meanwhile this one army powerhouse was going around destroying everything by himself just because he has a horn on his head and black magic. Which crystal ponies in my story can't even wield!

Or many other ponies, in fact.

Guess you could say this is the start of when Cozy feels that unicorns (and soon alicorns) have way more fun than other races of pony.

nice. I wonder how sombrero will react to seeing hope

Oh- right-
Yeah for this fanfic I challenged myself to write each chapter to be at least 5k words long.

Sorry not sorry, this story gonna be BIG :twilightsheepish:

Brilliant work and man what has Sombra help twist poor Cozy Glow into, really just love how the evil filly's origins are becoming more tragic with Sombra's hoof in all this.

That last line has me wondering if Sombra is planning something like the long game here with plans to groom Cozy Glow into his bride once she's old enough. I mean this is kinda of a medieval society/culture so could see it happen, but could be wrong who knows what angle Sombra is planning and playing with Cozy Glow.

But yeah absolutely loved how this chapter played out with the confrontation between Hope and Sombra great stuff, and pumped for what happens next.

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