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I'm just someone who likes writing stories.

The Equestria Tales series in chronological order.

Only published stories are placed on this list, upcoming stories in the series are mentioned when I occasionally update the list in a blog post.

The Brushie Chase (It is mostly set before the show starts)

The pain of Foxy Stripes (Set before the shows starts)

The Tyrant of Fear and Hate This story is part of the Equestria Tales series though it happens in an alternate universe. (Happens in early season 2)

Rumble's best friend. (Happens during season 2)

In The Broad Daylight. (Happens shortly after season 2)

The Time Keeper of Ponyville. (Happens just before season 3)

Tango. (Happens in early season 3 )

Temor. This story is part of the Equestria Tales series though it happens in a alternate universe (Happens in early season 3)

A day in the life of Rain Storm. (Happens during season 3)

The Mysterious Explosion. (Happens mid season 3)

Possession in the Crystal Empire. (Happens mid season 4)

Breakfast Rewards. (Happens mid season 4)

Time Turner and Doctor Whooves (Happens mid season 4)

The King in the Mountain (Happens between season 4 and 5)

A watchful shadow. (Happens mid season 5)

In Old Manehattan. (Happens around season 6)

The Last of the Dark Ponies (Happens in early season 7)

Their shared history. (Happens somewhere mid-season 7)

The Sons of Barricade. Part 1. Cooper. (Happens in early season 8)

A mildly different School Raze (Happens during the events of School Raze at the end of season 8)

The sons of Barricade. Part 2. Chisel. ( Happens both during and after the events of School Raze at the end of season 8)

Rage of a Queen, wrath of a Mother. (Happens after the last episode of season 8)

Retirement of a king. ((Happens after season 8))

Sombra vs. Blue Axe ((Happens after season 8))

Herding Inquiries ((Happens after season 8))

60 questions about Characters

Equestria Tales intro

Welcome to the home of the Equestria Tales.

The Equestria Tales is a series of loosely connected stories sharing the same fanon universe of my creation. It follows the show's canon most of the time up to the end of season 8. (This is done mainly for simplicity's sake.) The comics and books are not canon, although I insert nods to them and sometimes borrow characters from them for cameos.

There is no main character for the overall series; each story has its own main character, and I switch between canon and original characters.

The sidebar contains a chronological list of the stories. I occasionally post a blog update revealing upcoming stories in the series. The side list only includes published stories.

A lot of the stories can be read without reading other stories in the series, though some stories are sequels or semi-sequels to other stories.

I hope you have fun and enjoy the stories.


So uh, pre and post Easter work week... · 9:20am April 5th

Kind of kicked my ass from here to Antarctica.

Like seriously, I was well aware that Easter week is our busiest week at my job. I've worked there almost five years by now, but holy moly it was crazier than usual this time, honestly had to use the entire Easter break to recover. Barely had energy to use keyboard to form words.

Then came.... post Easter week, this week..... we realized we were doomed because it fell on the beginning of a month.

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Sorry, sorry, things have been busy in Real Life and some things just dropped by the wayside. I'll try and have a status blog up next weekend. :twilightblush:

Did you read this, Askre?

It's been 3 months without blog posts. How are things going?

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