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[Spoliers for What Lies Beneath]
Cozy Glow DID have a plan in the works. It was simple and it was easy. All she had to do was get it in every creature's minds that their friendship wasn't natural. A fight would occur, she would lead them all to the Tree, and then they could fix all her problems without her having to raise a hoof! With an excuse at the end~!

That was the plan, but Cozy Glow had decided that instead of them finding the place themselves, she would take them to the grate in person. In the end, she accidentally got herself wrapped up into the dark roots below that waited to see what her fears were... and if she could face them.

For more of the story:
Cozy's Dilemma

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I'm guessing cozy's greatest fear will be either her plan to take over equestria failing then the young six will find out and stop her, or it will be something to do with her past.

If I knew more about Cozy's past I'd probably do that, but I did something a bit different instead. I got the next chapter up now actually that shows what I think her fear and test could be!

Great story! Can't wait for chapter 3

Really enjoying this and looking forward to seeing how it develops.

Cool story, would love to see a sequel.

A sequel could be good if you have the inspiration

Props to ya. This is a really good reading.

Going off note:
Cozy Glow’s cutie mark being a rook chess piece would associate with conquest, but I always wondered how she got it. One thing that could’ve been a motive for her desire conquest would be because of a misinterpretation of her cutie mark, or worse, that that’s why she received that cutie mark in the first place. Either one could require the CMC (since cutie marks are their avenue), but if it’s the latter, Cozy Glow would be in a struggle where she would have to defy her destiny.

Also, where would a pony who’s specialty is to conquer (via manipulation) fit in in modern Equestrian society?

Those are definitely some good questions and ideas I can take into consideration! While her cutiemark is a mystery to me I would like to try my hand at writing about it and see what I could make out of it. While I have no idea what her backstory is I do want to write more interactions of the CMC with her... and trying to find her place in Equestria would be an interesting story! I'll see what I can do!

I wish the show gave us more of her backstory I really do :twilightsheepish:
Thanks Azura!

i liked this and I would not object for a following story

Ah, what might have been....

This was surprisingly in-character for the little terror from canon!

The group glimpsed at one another in silent consideration before Silverstream trotted forward, hopping down along with Smolder. Yona was the next to follow, hopping in hindlegs first before getting herself stuck. She struggled to nudge herself down before Ocellus came up and helped her into the caves with a good push. Once Yona was through the changeling easily followed behind.

I think you meant glanced.

Cozy's cutie mark does not represent conquest. While there is an element of strategy to having a chess piece as a cutie mark, the tower, and the Rook, represents protection. Keep in mind that the rook's most important role is to protect the king. Following that, the rook is one of the strongest pieces on the board and most importantly they are strongest during the end game when they can move unobstructed and control large areas of the board.

Cozy Glow was behaving contrary to the symbology of her cutie mark. Her most important role should have been to play some vital part not in opposition of Equestria but in support of the defense of Equestria. Also, take into consideration how the Ending of the End played out. Even though she was hit by a harmony rainbow-laser generated by hundreds of creatures she was never given the chance to reform, and her being turned into a statue was at Discord's prompting. And it was Discord behind bringing back all the villans to challenge Twilight.

Twas a great story, not given the credit it deserves. Cozy Glow is a great character full of unexplored potential in writing, and this fic about her is among the best I've read. Keep up the good work! :raritystarry:

I really do enjoy redemption arcs so sorry but most of my Cozy Glow fanfictions are going to be like that~!

I totally understand. Cozy Glow is a child. If anyone is gonna get a redemption by fans, it's her. This was a pretty high quality story anyway; everybody was spot-on, and I was really sucked into Cozy's arc. I'm happy to've read this.

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