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Procrastination is my middle name. My parents had a very good sense of humour.

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Why, hello there. If you're looking for fitfully updated fics, comedic one-shots and shameless sarcasm, you've come to the right place. :pinkiehappy:

If not, then stay anyway. You might just like it here. :raritywink:


What did everyone think of 'The Mean Six'? · 6:30am June 10th

I thought it was pretty funny, considering it borrowed quite a few elements (pun not intended) from 'The Return Of Harmony' in terms of character personalities for the Mean 6. :moustache:

Anyway, shameless plug alert here is a new story that I've written based on that particular episode, called Discord Already Did It. Give it a read, and let me know what you think. :scootangel:

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Heh, heh, no problem! :twilightsheepish: I like to treat people sometimes to something nice! The Element of Kindness I say! :yay:

Guess what, I am from the UK too. We should get together sometime, have margaritas. You're paying. :trollestia:

That was the second choice. :moustache:

Lemme get this straight: Your name is... Deadpan Procrastination Snarker? Still better than Rainbow Danger Professionalism Spectacularhooves Dash.

I am your 464th follower! Love from the UK!

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