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Procrastination is my middle name. My parents had a very good sense of humour.

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Why, hello there. If you're looking for fitfully updated fics, comedic one-shots and shameless sarcasm, you've come to the right place. :pinkiehappy:

If not, then stay anyway. You might just like it here. :raritywink:


Guys I have officially made it... · 8:50pm August 4th

Someone has recorded an audio version of Trixie Lulamoon vs Maud Pie, and I didn't even have to ask, threaten or bribe them! Here's the Link for anyone who's interested. Now I'm off to put on my shades and buy a ridiculously small canine that I can carry everywhere in a Gucci holdall. Ciao! :twistnerd:

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I can't always answer straightaway, I was working on another story when you send your comment. Anyway, in answer to your question, it's not something I've thought about too much but off the top of my head:

Rainbow Dash
Pinkie Pie

Bear in mind I don't dislike any of them, and this is purely how I feel right now. Anyway, have a good day now!

Hey I sent that comment like four hours ago what’s the hold up man?

How do you rank the mane 6 from favorite to least favorite?

Hey there! I just had a random thought.

Prepared for the cute?

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