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Why, hello there. If you're looking for fitfully updated chapter fics, comedic one-shots and shameless sarcasm, you've come to the right place. :pinkiehappy:

If not, then stay anyway. You might just like it here. :raritywink:


SHAMELESS PLUG ALERT: Can everyone who hasn't seen it yet, PLEASE take time out of their busy lives to read... · 5:10am Yesterday

My latest fic, Where is Spike?! Or: Spike Is Missing!!

If you 'get' my style of humour, or you like random stories stories where NOTHING is as it seems, you'll (probably) like this. At a piddling 1330 words, it surely wouldn't take much effort for you to give it a go. Read it on the toilet, or something. :raritywink:

Also, in case I forgot to mention this... it WILL make your life better!!*

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3115568 Same goes for "A Mother's 'Love.'"

It’s a shame “My Secret Daughter” seems to be over. It really is a good story!

Hey what happened to your story just curious ????

Umm your Twilight Diamong Daughter story was gone, something happened?

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