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"Be good to yourself, because nobody else has the power to make you happy."

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Why, hello there. If you're looking for fitfully updated chapter fics, comedic one-shots and shameless sarcasm, you've come to the right place. :pinkiehappy:

If not, then stay anyway. You might just like it here. :raritywink:


Not sure how to feel about dominating the 'Spoiled Rich' tag on FimFiction... · 4:57pm June 1st

But hey, you gotta be good at something I guess! :pinkiehappy:

(With one exception as you can see, but lets face it... that guy gets EVERYWHERE). :twilightsheepish:

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Hi. Glad to have you here. :twistnerd:

Dunno, but it's back now. REJOICE!! :pinkiehappy:

Uh, deadpan? What happened to I MUST HAVE Princess Twilight Sparkle? It just disappeared.

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