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An average girl who writes stories and is always willing to make new friends.

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Hello, everyone. If you couldn't tell, my name is Alice, and yes, I have been to Wonderland.

I shall not share my age, but that's alright.

If it wasn't obvious enough, I write fan fictions. Mainly pony fiction. Other things I like to do in my free time include drawing, reading others' fan fiction, talking to friends, or watching television.

I am always willing to make new friends, so anyone can go ahead and comment or send me a message.

Love you all

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Can you make an other wonna story?

Could anyone confirm this user used to be "Little Kit Kat"? I found a broken link on YouTube pointing to that user, and it occurs on the description of a reading of one of Alice's stories. Basically I'm tying to connect the dots

Why did you cancel Web of Deceit? :fluttershysad:

Hey... guess what.
I'm following you.

998069 No problem! Congrats on the feature! ^^

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When A Song Reminds You of Someone · 7:15pm Mar 15th, 2014

I'm sure that's happened to everyone. It just happened to me. I listened to Gone Too Soon by Simple Plan, and it reminded me of an old friend that left me. We were such good friends. He could always make me smile when I was sad and made me feel so special, but then he left because it "didn't feel right" anymore. And that hurt so much, because so far he is the only one I had ever viewed as the older brother I always wanted.

Man, life sucks...

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