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I'm back and ready to clean up this train wreck

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You need a hug!

769262 Ah, that sucks. Sometimes my hands are a bit sore after her class, but she still makes it enjoyable.
It's my favorite class, but I have it 2nd :ajsleepy: I used to have it as my last core class, but something happened and a couple of my classes had to get switched around :applejackunsure:
I'd prefer to have it as my last core class, since then the last class would go by faster, but oh well. Now I have math as my last core class

Lucky, I use to have a teacher that would make us write half page journals, then make us answer questions for whatever book we were reading, then she would assign us homework, then we would have to participate in class discussions.:applejackconfused:...I thankfully passed that class with flying colors...though my hands were sore for the first month of summer break.

  • Viewing 125 - 129 of 129
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