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I'm just a Rp'er (Roleplayer) who likes ponies, need I say more?

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@~@ Well... Meh'? · 9:50am Jul 16th, 2014

Well, Seems like I barely get on here, on then to read stories and stuff XP

I've decided to take down my Story that I have up, and rewrite it...

I made Gaining Harmony just out of boredom, so, I thought "Hey! Why not just take it done, and make it better!? And, Why not just slap a new Title to it??? Cause, hell, Why not just make the story into a new story, because why the F--- NOT!?!?!?"

=3= So... Yea.... Get ready for "Thrown Away", Cause it's coming a TyingWolfen Near you ;D

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No prob 'Upside-down' Pony :pinkiehappy:

._. I'm getting spit at, by a walking pillow


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