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Born and raised in the beautiful city of Baltimore. I write Second-Person Stories that are pretty popular, I think. Celestia is best pony and Rarijack is best ship. Feel free to PM me with questions


THIS FRIDAY · 2:05am Feb 23rd, 2017

I know everyone has been waiting a long ass time for EVERYTHING, but the waiting is soon to come to an end.
And then probably continue again, but we'll deal with that later.
I am going to update This Magic Moment AND I Can't Help this Friday night and/or Saturday morning.
Tonight I'm going to finish the next chapter of I Can't Help, then tomorrow finish the next chapter of This Magic Moment, finalize them and post them on Friday.

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Goodnight sweet prince

Hey man, you there? I love your stories but your not showing up lately. Anyways hope to see you active soon, bye! :3

Been a while, I guess this is goodbye for good. Auf Wietersehen you glorious bastard.

We're doing it again, I see. Comes back every year around my birthday to upload new chapters and shit, but then goes back into hibernation till next winter.

Hopefully he didn't die.

  • Viewing 139 - 143 of 143
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