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Rainbow Dash Flies East...

Lazy Bones

Some art from some very cool people of my exceptionally sleepy ponysona.

The artist: youmywaywardgirl

The artist: XenaLollie

The artist: Iguanodragon

So, yeah. It's my ponysona/OC. Mostly I put this here because the artist's are very cool and I feel like it's important for me to emphasise that fact.
Anyway, I hope you like him.

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Aww, that's really kind of you! I really really appreciate it.Happy reading, then, and I hope I can earn the watch!

Also, regarding OCs, I sorta really like them if they're curious but also down-to-earth, so yeah! I do approve. It's the first time I've ever seen a pony with a skull oc that wasn't like, the son of Death or something of the sort, so it's quite nice to see that it's actually a clever part of his name and his concept.

It was my pleasure to favourite it! It came as a recommendation from a friend and I really enjoyed reading it. Top quality writing for sure.
Keep up the great work! I'll be sure to give you a follow too so that I don't miss anything.

And thanks! I'm glad you approve of Lazy Bones. I'm rather fond of him. :twilightsmile:

Hey there! I'm just here to say thanks for the favourite for Six Walk In. I appreciate it. and hope to entertain you again in the future.

By the way, nice art you got there! And quite an interesting OC as well.

Firstly, my apologies for being so late with responding, my internet hasn't been playing nice recently and I've only just been able to get on here.

Secondly, thank you. I'm very glad that you like him. I've grown rather absurdly fond of him myself so it's nice to hear you like him. :twilightsmile:
The butterfly, aptly named 'Bones' because Lazy is very uncreative with names, came about when a friend of mine drew him. She included the butterfly and quite ironically, I have a horrible phobia of them, and so made the butterfly Lazy's pet/friend because despite my intense fear, I'm quite fond of them. Lazy doesn't really have anybody to talk to besides Bones because he falls asleep so frequently and folk get insulted.
Truthfully, Bones came about on a whim but much like my OC, I've grown quite attached and Bones acts as something of a source of moral support to my socially awkward pony.

And again, thank you for taking an interest. It really has made my day to hear that you like him.

so about your OC Lazy Bones (who's freaking awesome, btw) what's up with the butterfly? does it stand for something special or do you just like butterflies?

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