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Rarity has a secret. Well, two secrets. First, she has a crush on one particular pony. And second, she has been writing a story for the object of her affections, to reveal her love. But when word gets out about her literary abilities, suddenly all of her friends want her help on their own writing projects. And all of them need to be done by Hearts and Hooves Day! Could Rarity not be the only one with a hidden agenda here? And how exactly will she manage so many projects in such a short period of time?

(Updated with some editing help from the superb Exuno)

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This could be cute! I can't wait to read more! :)

That was just excellent!!!:raritystarry: :ajsmug:
Really nice story :twilightsmile:

Fun and funny!

Aaaaaaah, I need more now! *clicks refresh button repeatedly* Where's Chapter Two, dammit?! (Seriously though, this seems like it could go on with more. Please, mark it as Incomplete and continue.)

Congratulations on your debut story! I loved it. :raritystarry:

Excellent redux of the episode, really!
Yes, you shipped a bunch of ponies, and yes some people don't like that but I think this story was very well done!

That was beautiful!

That was awesome!
The story was written incredibly well and had a great mix of all the mane 6.
It seemed to end rather suddenly, but other than that, this was perfect! I love you!

Hmmm... 2/3 of preferred ships...

but 100% approval of the story and the ending. :raritywink::ajsmug: Very well done!

Thanks to everyone for the kind words!

This story sprung out of amusement over the idea of Rarity's dressmaking song being used to refer to writing fanfiction, and further thoughts about the many ways the Mane 6 could screw up their own attempts. What you read is basically all I have planned - I don't particularly have any strong ideas to move forward and it was always intended as more of a lightly-comedic story with lots of incidental shipping rather than an out-and-out extended romance.

But it's certainly been a learning experience. There are parts that I feel are still rough or that shift too jarringly, and I wish I could have worked more actual RariJack in throughout the story, but man... Writing for 6 ponies throughout is tough! It ended up much longer than I expected, but I'm pleased with the results.

An awesome rarijack story? Check.

Awesome Plot? Check.

Kawaii desu ne? Hmmm...check.

Needs to be 20 percent cooler? Not check, cause it's perfect the way it is.

Excellent and packaged perfectly. Not a TwiDash person but love RarJack. Extremely cute, especially Rarity's meltdown. You captured all the characters perfectly.

Can't wait to see more from you.

As I've seen others say 2/3 preferred ships, however, the story was still amazing and I enjoyed every bit of it especially "Good things are better when they're a Rarity" that really tugged on my heart strings ;) also I can definitely see what you meant about "art of the dress" being an inspiration for it and I loved it as I sad

As a general rule... Ships aren't really my thing. For some reason, this one caught my eye. It is genuinely one of the most enjoyable stories I've read on here by far. Well done.

Heads up though, might want to proof read it once more. There are a few grammatical slips and the like that break the immersion a little.


Thanks! I'll have to give it another once over. I really should find another set of eyes to take a look... I did a couple of passes and got a lot of kinks worked out before posting but I guess some issues still fell through the cracks.

Re: Shipping, it's funny that a lot of people like 2/3rds or only parts. To be honest, I'm fairly neutral on most ships (though RariJack is indeed my one vice) and the way it turned out was primarily because it suited the story the best - specifically I didn't want to ship the entire Mane 6 with each other... hence sort-of lame Fluttermac default, along with me being scared to write a Pinkie ship. I have actually enjoyed a lot of Pinkie shipping stories but didn't think I could quite pull off her character myself!

That was absolutely phenomenal. J'adore! :ajsmug:

Fire all head canon ships! <BOOM> (Fluttermac) <BOOM> (Twidash, thank you sosososo much for not doing Flutterdash) <:flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage:M> Rarijack!
"What if we just had the action rising like the whole time. Then bam! Climax climax climax, all in a row! And scene!" Are you implying what I think you are?
This was a terrific read, and it easily translates into episode form. Those are my favorite kinds of stories and you should feel good.:ajsmug:
I have so much else to say but can't think of it. Thank you for this tale.
One last thing, I ROFLed when Twilight tried turning Fluttershy's poem into the Filliad!:rainbowlaugh:

Wow, this was pretty sublime. You did an absolutely perfect job of capturing everypony's voice, the pacing works great, also it's Rarijack so I'm biased. I really liked Pinkie's role, there's something less disbelief-straining about not having all of the mane six be hopelessly in love at once, plus it's very Pinkie to pick up on how all of her friends are feeling, but miss that she doesn't need to worry about. The convience of the reciprocal romance works out because this is a nice light fluffy fic, but it does make me wonder what a more melodramatic spin where Rarity realizes her friends are entangled in an awkward messy love hexagon would be like.

Anyway, good job, keep writing.

I thought it was hilarious that Rarity did all that for them and then they chickened out. The cookie on every page idea was pretty funny too. Climax climax climax all in a row. So many funny lines.

Bravo 10/10 would feels again

hmm i didnt expect Twidash. i thought that Twi was writing for Spitfire. (yes i like TwixSpitfire) It would have been surprising since its one of the rarest shippings i know.

Dear sir, I am but a humble and incredibly slow writer with only the barest beginning of something that if you were feeling generous would describe as a story. Disregarding that last bit, I swear to you now I will create a story, be it one shot, multi-chapter or clop fic, featuring twixspitfire!

And to the author, good work on this.

2487282 Hmm... i dont know if you actually mean it or if its something else. I know i dont got around and tell an Author what to write except when i pay him/her. All i meant was that the way it developed it didnt sounded like a TwiDash. There was the possebility that Twi wanted to tell Spitfire she likes her and Dash wanted a Birthday present for Scootaloo.

Well those two possibilities do sound kinda funny actually and yes I did mean it. I like the pairing, sexy boookworm with the sexy athlete, nice.

Another reason I like the pairing is because it reasonably could happen, I don't believe in love at first sight so they would need some kind past together. Twilight is Celestia's personal student and Spitfire is the captain of what is probably a royally funded group. It's possible they could have met up at some point.

Also, I won't demand money, unless you make demands.

2490080 Then i cant await the story to come to existance. And i like the shipping Twi X Spitfire for the same reasons.

Warning though, I am kinda of a newb writer and a slow one at that so I won't be turning anything serious out for a while.

Right now I'm working on this comedy thing that could literally go anywhere. After the first chapter, in which Twilight realizes that she doesn't know what she is a princess of, I take suggestions of what she is a princess of go with for a chapter or two.

It's meant to be practice for my writing skills and my ability to just come up with stuff really.

2490138 I always thought that Twi would be the Alicorn of the Stars, Magic or Friendship with a similiar ability like Cadance to make Ponies become Friends instead of Lovers.

I've always thought of her as more the princess of emotion entirely to tell the truth, and also I'm going to encourage craziness in the suggestions.

The three things you thought are all likely to be right, but I what I want out of this is practice. Comedy, romance, clop, etc. I just want to get better at these things so when I write serious stories at least the writing will be good.

Saw it featured on EqD, and it looks too good not to read. You've certainly got my interest, and it has been RiL'd. Sorry if I don't get to it in a little while; it shouldn't be too long, however. :twilightsheepish:

This did not go where I thought it would. It went an even better place. Well done.:raritystarry::ajsmug:

Even though I ship AppleDash, I still LOVED this story from beginning to end! And I think I like the RariJack shipping now too :raritywink: Each character in the story was written out just like they were supposed to be and each plot line wove into the next. A beautiful fanfic! I'll defiantly check out your other ones :ajsmug:

Please continue! There could be a cute addition to this story. :raritywink:

The big rant Rarity made toward Twilight, Rainbow, and Fluttershy was excellent, as was Rarity's well-meaning verbal slap to Pinkie. And that last bit about the scrapbook, that was...well, I can't describe it, but it was really quite heartwarming.

It would work out, these things always did.

what kind of a sentence is that? blind trust in fate, much?

It crested a large hill and then fluttered down into farmland, where neatly planted rows of trees adorned the hillside...

oh, shit...

"Marshmallows!” Pinkie shouted triumphantly.

pinkie just saved the day.

“Hey Rarity,” she said, “I was thinking about how you said stories have rising action, then the climax, then day-new-mah, and I figured... What if we just had the action rising like the whole time. Then bam! Climax climax climax, all in a row! And scene.”

rainbow, go fuck with the creative process somewhere else, im trying to read! quit saying things that make me want to puke and facepalm at the same time!

It was a beautiful Hearts and Hooves Day because of course the weather had been scheduled for the perfect condition for picnics and romantic walks.

how could rainbow be with twilight if she was on weather duty? :rainbowderp:

Bravo sir. Those last lines were powerful and it makes you read them slower.

Amazing! absolutely amazing! I couldn't imaged reading anything else right before I go to bed. You captured the characters personalities perfectly. Little parts like rarity singing in the beginning and mentions of their past adventures really pulled me into the story. And the line about pinkie stopping mid jump floating in the air and gravity not caring laughed soo hard:rainbowlaugh: Such an amazing story:raritywink: I look forward to reading your other writings.

Terrific story. Only mistake I noticed: (besides a few small grammar things that I can't recall)

"Before Rarity could even mention their spa day, Twilight had already dashed out of the library at record speeds, leaving behind only a cloud of dust."

I thought they were in the Boutique? Maybe you meant she was heading for the library?

Great job! I wasn't one for shipping in the first place, but this story no doubt made me appreciate what great writers like yourself are capable of. Very well done, their personalities were spot on. Please, keep up the great work! :raritywink::ajsmug:

“Good things are better when they’re a Rarity.”

Is this the inspiration for the entire fic? That line made my shipping sense go crazy too. I was like: "Is AJ flirting? AJ is totally flirting!"

Great story, the ending was very touching. Well done :raritystarry:

Urgh... Sorry to start my comment that way because this story was absolutely wonderful, it's just... I am very much a FlutterDash shipper, but with all the TwiDash incorperated in this one, plus some other fics that were in the featured box I think, *shudders* The ship is growing on me. Great...
Anyway, enough of that. This was a fantastic read, and very interesting choice of topic, I loved every word and the ending was fantastic. It's goin in my favorites and getting thumbed up by me so, yea. This was great!

Really enjoyed this, the comedy was well placed and the pacing was great.

Also, thank you for not explicitly explaining everything like many starting shippers tend to do. It is a serious pet peeve of mine when the narration stops and states, "Oh, Twi and Dash are writing self inserts/expys. They must have feeling for each other."

Oh my goodness adorable! :raritywink:

This was an excellent story! The pacing, the comedy,the characterizations, the buildup... All contributed to make this a great read for me. I'm fairly new to the whole pony fandom, but with writing like this to contribute, I can see why it has such a strong following. Keep up the good work!

Okay, TwiJack is just my least favorite ship. I'm not of the opinion that opposites make for good relationships. But this one was just cute.

The pacing was nice and crisp. The little background story where everyone was dancing around the issues was snirkable. Rarity's freakout where she revealed everyone's crushes was funny. And the end was heartwarming.

All in all, a good little fic, and a well spent few minutes reading it. Much approval. Thanks for the read Sharp Spark!

[First scene over]
From your wording, I'm questioning which farmer (who doesn't pick up on subtleties) from the mane 6 you're referencing. I can think of 2.
[Next 2-3 Scenes]
Nevermind. Pinkie hasn't to do with apples.

First off, I'm sorry for the delay. I've got a lot of fanfiction to read, and not a lot of time to read it.
This story was really nice. A fun alternate standpoint for shipping, and some great tricks you used for comedy. I particularly liked 'gravity didn't seemed to mind'. (The humor is dampered a little by the grammatical error.)
Great story overall. I had a lot of fun while reading it.

2679677 For me, it's not that opposites make good ships, but they can make good ships. My personal OTP is TwiDash (then RariJack), because both ponies have shown some desire to be like the other in some ways. (Not quite as strong for RariJack, but still there.)
For example, Twilight may wish to be more popular (pre-princeshood) or athletic like Dash. Dash may want to have wit like Twi, or spend more time reading. (Daring Do or otherwise.)

However, it's easy to mess up when dealing with opposites. It takes a bit more delicacy to have a realistic mutual attraction.

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