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It was a completely normal day in Ponyville for Twilight Sparkle, or at least, that's what she thought it would be. That should have been her first clue that something was up. She expected it to be a quiet day where she could hang out with her friends, and maybe she'd get a friendship letter in if she was lucky.

She did not, however, expect everypony in town to turn into a flaming racist overnight.

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Equestria girls 2 trailer "Welcome to Earth, where every day is racist day!" :pinkiehappy:

This is great! I just have to wonder, is this an actual thing in some cities? It might be but I don't want to go spewing out random speculations as fact.

Dear Princess Celestia,
You must come down to Ponyville; it's urgent, you hybrid freak.
Twilight Sparkle

The moment I read the chapter's title, I was expecting something hilarious.
I wasn't disappointed. :rainbowlaugh:

there is a significant lack of TD...... :pinkiecrazy: WHERE IS TD!? :flutterrage:

:rainbowlaugh:Dude, where's TD? He would have a freaking field day with this.

They would be judging each other by the color of their skin, and they are all different colors.

I came in expecting something far worse an was really surpisedly happy. ALSO what would the case be of an alicorn being there? Such as what woul this be like post S3

Ooooo, can we have some more insults like Changelings are roach droppings, Griffins are Turkeys Legs, Minotaurs are Pitchfork Heads, and Humans are Freaks. :D

not bad.... not bad .... still good...

Dude, this has freaking potential. Keep it up! :D

Alicorns... Hmm...
Oh god, just imagine the racism if Zecora showed up.

Everypony a little bit racist. Those unicorns and pegusi too. Earthpony are the biggest ones , what it's true. So today just do what ya do.


Td literally exploded into cosmic essence and covered ponyville, that's why this is happenning..:trollestia:

I can see Twilight getting too into this...

Let it begin!

~Have a good one.

I can imagine a Peter Chao pony in the future.


He went back in time and started the whole thing.

Making racism even dumber than it normally is in that universe.

Really? A new story from you AND a new chapter to Life and times of a winning pony both posted the time of the week where I have the least free time? I guess I can only blame myself for accessing fimfiction on a Tuesday morning. >.<

i like this idea... i like this idea alot :P

This reminds me of a weird story where all the Earth Ponies rose up to form a new republic and imprisoned all the unicorns... for some reason. It was kind of silly.:twilightsheepish:

I don't even know what to say.
This is extremely stupid, but I suppose that's the point.

3381789 Ya think? It's a story about state sponsored Ponyville racism. Yeah, it's supposed to be decently dumb.

3381497People assume that time is a strict progression of cause to effect, but *actually* from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint - it's more like a big ball of wibbly wobbly... time-y wimey... stuff.
3381190zegro, zigger, crosswalk, inmate, to name a few. YOU CAN'T JUDGE ME FOR IT'S THE CLEANSING

3380888>>3380933 I'm more as a writer than TD, right? :fluttershysad:

3381872 Yes you are. And we respect you for that. :scootangel:
See but the thing is, people say TD is violent. :flutterrage: But not having my TD makes me pretty FUCKING violent. :pinkiecrazy:


It has even less premise than "The Purge" did, I'm not sure I get it.

3381913 It's 50% a "I thought of this premise at breakfast" and 50% "get the writing gears going."

I could IMAGINE the havoc if Twi was post S3 and this happened... Or if this happened in the Bronyverse...
:rainbowdetermined2: - Damn two legs. Not cool at all.
Definately going to have fun with this one

Fluttershy could make a sailor blush.

What would happen if Celestia/Luna arrived during the "cleansing"?

or discord?

3382098 Shit would hit the fan, that's what.

I just have this feeling that in reality the concept just wouldn't work. You can't keep things bottled for a whole year. Sure getting to blow it off might help, but to hold it in for the rest....
That's not a criticism of the story (which I love as always), in fact I get the feeling that you're using the story to criticise the film through Twilight, just I agree with her that the whole concept is absurd.

3382098 I believe nopony have grudge against the alicorn, but I guess some of them may do. If I recall it correctly, alicorn is the combination of all three races of pony, so they would combine the two insult together: Slicky featherbrain, Slick mudhead, Mudbrain. (I'm not so good at naming stuff)

This is nice. Can I use the town's tradition thing in my story?

I'll admit, I am struggling with the concept. I mean it's funny, but racial jokes can only carry a story so far.

Proud member of the unicorn master race.

I like this story so far, it's a good parody of not only a film I would never waste my time watching, but of many other similarly stupid ideas!

I wonder what Fluttershy does on this day? I presume she is excluded much like she is by Pinkie/Rainbow from Pranks :fluttershbad:...or she is the best at it? :flutterrage:

I must admit the origins of this tradition seem a bit hard to understand. If you really were racist, that'd be a lot of bottling up you'd have to do the rest of the year. However the idea of breaking a normal social taboo and suddenly finding that, on this one day, you can get away with it, kind of makes sense. I can see how the whole thing would be a bit of fun, but there are probably better taboo's to be broken than racism... maybe.

I just kept thinking of this whenever Rarity said 'Tradition' XD

Goddamnit this is so bloody stupid, but I want you to continue for some reason. I am enjoying this even though I can feel my brain dying.
This is like intellectual masochism.

Also, I'm disappointed Rarity would use the logical fallacy of Appeal to Tradition.
That's something I'd expect from a ignorant dirtpony, not an educated Unicorn like her.

>inb4 Twilight calls Celestia "an unnatural abomination of mud and featherbrains".

3382267 I hope she's the best that would make me love this story even more. Even better would be if she didn't know cause no pony says things like that around Fluttershy XD

This is so dumb, but I'm loving it. Although, it wold help a HELL of a lot if you included some more dialogue about this only being a joke. That none of them actually THINK this way, it's just something they do as a joke and to "get into the swing of things." Sort of a moral about laughing at bad things to make them powerless type deal. Giggle at the Ghostlies, ya dig?

Proud Mud pony here! :ajsmug:


Huh. I had completely missed the tags and thought this was a "serious" story. :facehoof:

*Imagines alternative version where Twilight still meets Applejack and when the farm pony insults and demeans her, instead of sticking around for an explanation, she runs off in tears. On the way back, she has every offensive slur hurled at her by other ponies, including her friends and when she reaches home, grabs Spike and makes off to the safety of Canterlot and her precious princess.......... :pinkiecrazy:

Anyone willing to write it....... anyone?........ hello?........

This story is stupid...

I like it. :trollestia:

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