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Sharp Spark

Nothing says I miss you quite like war poetry carved in your door with a stanley knife.

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BronyCon 2018 · 6:52pm Jul 16th, 2018

I'll be there, I guess?

All blame should be directed squarely at Haze and Exuno.

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What's a stanley knife?

Are you a fan of spike the dragon and list any spike ship that you faves?!?!?!?

Oh, wait. That was you, too. Yeah.

Nevermind. Just ignore everything I said in my previous comment. :moustache:

Aw, thanks. :twilightblush:

That means I need to write Pair the Spares II: More Pairs, Less Spares next, right? :trollestia:

I need to give you more credit as a writer. This is about two writeoffs in a row that you've kicked out nearly every story I loved. This time, you topped my prelim slate and when the [REDACTED] voters refused to put that story in the finals, another one of yours topped my finals slate. It's getting uncanny.

  • Viewing 60 - 64 of 64
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