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Nothing says I miss you quite like war poetry carved in your door with a stanley knife.

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Leftover Books! · 7:58pm Aug 7th, 2019

Bronycon was tremendously, tremendously fun - and I think I already am suffering from a bit of post-con ennui. I wish I could pack up and head back and do it all over again next weekend. There are too many folks to name, and I'm paranoid about leaving anyone out, but... Basically, it was wonderful to get to see so many friends, whether I have known them for years or got to meet them for the first time.

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I added your collection of stories, Peppermint Tea, to GoodReads' database of books. I hope that wasn't too forward of me. :twilightsheepish:

See the link here.

I swear I'm not normally room temperature IQ (Celsius)! :twilightoops:

Hi, yes, likewise! And you found the right me this time. :rainbowlaugh:

It was awesome meeting you at the con!

What's a stanley knife?

  • Viewing 64 - 68 of 68
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