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Does the universe really want you and your soul mate to be together?

In Applejack and Rarity’s case – yes it does.

They may have only known each other for a short while, but in reality their relationship goes back years, and they don’t even know it! Stretching through their lives, they find that one recurring trend – each other.

But, although they always part, it can be certain that they’ll always … meet again.

Thanks to DragonGirl983 for cover art vectors.
Thanks to the story proof readers, Stormy Skies, HyperBlossom7, BunnyAsylum1690 and Sharp Spark

Chapters (7)
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Comments ( 88 )

Very good! Can't wait for the next update.

Thanks. I'm glad you liked it. :D

Very good indeed, even if Rarajack isnt my favorite ship please continue.:duck:

That can be changed ;) … just kidding.

I will thanks :D

First I squeed :pinkiegasp:

Then I laughed :rainbowlaugh:

Next I was like yay :pinkiehappy:

And at the end I was like awwww :fluttercry:

So cool! I love this story and I will definitely be watching for more chapters :D

Haha. Thanks ... think you described exactly how I wanted people to react.

P.s. awesome user name ... PPGZ haha. Hellsa yes!

3601255 OMG I can't believe you got that reference! You are officially one of my favorite people on here! :pinkiehappy:


hahaha. thanks
hahaha yeah. big PPGS fan. Thats why i started watch MLP actually.. :pinkiehappy:

then i watched the anime. it was .... interesting :rainbowderp:


Well, you certainly have good taste :twilightsmile:

Girl you need to get the next chapter out ASAP


Don't worry good sir, I started the next chapter today. :pinkiehappy:

So, maybe three or four days depending on my free time. It is going to be a bit shorter than the last so...

Soon.... :twilightblush:

Wonderfully written. A few errors here and there but nothing to fuss about. I absolutely ADORE RariJack shipfics (as well as the characters themselves) and this particular one is no exception. BTW, Thank you for the new headcanon about what happened to AJ's parents (Well, mother... :raritydespair: ). Looking forward to next update! :raritywink: :ajsmug:


Well thank you... Feel free to tell me any errors you might have seen. I'll get them sorted. :derpyderp1:

Hahaha. Your welcome. I thought it was a pretty common head cannon. The more you know... :pinkiehappy:

This reminded me of a similar story.
Overall the tone and pacing were good, the characters and plot were adorable, and I found I enjoyed it throughout.

But . . .
You need an editor. Lots of little mistakes that kept trying to drag me out of the story. In particular, the way you wrote Applejack's accent seemed very off. For example, I have never met anyone who called their mother 'Mar', but I know many folks who call her 'Ma'.

If you would like some help PM me, I am not an editor but maybe I can help you iron out some of the wrinkles.

Well, first thanks for reading.

I just realized I've actually read that story you linked. It is very similar now that I think. I don't want to be stealing other ideas. Oops. :twilightoops:

Anyways, yes I totally agree. I always think i'm done, then BOOM another bloody grammar mistake.

Surprisingly, I was considering getting a proof reader (hence me joining the PR group) but it just seems I really annoying process. So, if my story got a little following I was going to ask anyone who had favourited etc. if they'd like to be one for this story.

Buuuut... since you seem interested. I'm always open to a little help.

If you want to help me out it would be much appreciated. I'll help you on any story in return. Plus, you'll get to read new chapters early. :twilightblush:

I'll PM you if you are game. :pinkiehappy: :rainbowlaugh:


I just realized I've actually read that story you linked. It is very similar now that I think. I don't want to be stealing other ideas. Oops. :twilightoops:

I don't think you stole anything, the idea is similar, ie: two young ponies spend the day in a day care, the execution is very different.

She gave me the most gorgeous smile, I almost got lost in it, before Granny started draggin’ me away by the ear.

Holy corncakes this is freakin' adorable. :pinkiesad2: I wish I could write like this... but alas, I am cursed with the inability to put words in a certain order that would interest most people...

By the way, just going to point out a few mistakes that need correcting. I know I'm not a proofreader, but I just can't sit idly by while tiny mistakes like these ruin such a beautiful piece of literature!

I startled sniggerin’ along with her.

I was gonna get gobbled up and never be heard from gain.

Oh Celestia, I’ve kill her!

That the heck was wrong with me?

That forest was defiantly messin’ with my head.

Please excuse my finicky behavior :twilightblush:. As stated before, looking forward to the next update!


Haha. Well thanks. :rainbowkiss:

Oh come on. Don't doubt yourself :pinkiegasp:

All corrected.
Damn it! One day I will not miss a bloody mistake. :pinkiecrazy:

Saw new chapter:

Read that Rares and Apple don't remember each other:

1000/10 for you L.P.G


My reaction to this post. :pinkiehappy:

My reaction now that I know you dislike Rarity and Applejack not recognizing each other and that I'm half way through the next chapter. :rainbowderp:

3661178 well I gave you a 1000/10 for that so it's alllllllllllllllllllll good:pinkiehappy:


Hahaha. Thanks man. :rainbowkiss: They'll "remember" eventually. (Or will they? Muhahaha.) :rainbowlaugh:

Do you know when the next chapter'll be? This is great.



I'm about 90% done with the next chapter so soon.

If you are ever curious on my stories' progress I always keep a percent chart on my user page. :)

Great chapter of a great fic. I eagerly await the next one!

Drunk Rarity...? Dis gon be güd :raritystarry:

Reads that Rares kinda remember AJ:

Reads that Rares is showin the signs of love for AJ:

Me:Thanks RD
RD:No prob

Reads A.J works in a bar:

Reads that A.J don't renember Rares:

Reads A.J thought Rares looked stunning:

Reads that Rares boyfriend be cheating:

(cocks shotgun)Alright review done.


Seriously, I laugh so damn hard at your comments. Excellent! :D

"I gave the castle one final glance, absorbin’ all its beauty. I needed t’ come back with my kin, AppleBoom would’ve loved this." I'm sure you meant AppleBloom, I've only spotted a few minor grammatical errors through out the story nothing to bad just something that causes me as a reader to stop and reread the last thing you wrote. It kind of breaks up the flow of the story.

I was wondering you happen to have a beta reader? It just seems you you could use someone to help you with your grammar, spellings as well as maybe suggestions to help improve the story, its characters, and its setting if you need.

I Love the story so far and it's an interesting concept, as well as the fact both Rarity as well as Applejack are both written well and are both in character. Also your Grammar isn't that bad, I just thought to give you a little advice as I really enjoy the story.

I Also hope you continue to keep writing it's a really great story thus far and I can't wait to read the next chapter. :pinkiehappy:

i love this story. You need more likes. Why don't you have more likes. I think it's cause peeps are looking for the love button, but all they see is the like button and they get confused. That's my story and i'm sticking to it.:heart:


Hahaha. Well, from what i've heard a lot of people have trouble finding the love button as well.
*puts on sunglasses*

Seriously though, thanks :rainbowlaugh:


Thanks man. I've sent you PM about proof reader stuff.

"the projection room above the auditorium"
This is shaping up really well. Despite the grammatical errors here and there, this story is very well done, and is an excellent read. I wish this had more views, because it really deserves them.


Thanks very much.

Hahaha. What good is a story without a Mean Girls reference. :rainbowkiss:

Carryin’ her was like a light, fluffy (but annoyin’) blanket. Don’t think I was enjoyin’ this, cos I wasn’t!

Riiiiiiiight :trixieshiftright:

When I had seen that this chapter was over 6,000 words, I giggled more than a Japanese school girl. (I'm Asian, it's not racist :twilightsheepish:)

Ok, thoughts on this chapter. Really took a mature turn with the obvious alcohol references and multiple suggestive themes (ahem, Banging) which I enjoyed quite nicely. The scene where Applejack watches the ball drop and Rarity shares her Happy New Year shortly afterwards hit me right in the feels. I'm a sucker for touching moments and this one did not disappoint. There were several grammatical errors scattered about but it didn't really detract from the reading experience. Overall, another solid addition to an already solid story. And, oh yeah, drunk Rarity was hilarious (and adorable:raritywink:).

You should seriously consider submitting this to EQD when it's completed or something. This story definitely deserves more views than it currently has.

The next chapter can't come soon enough! :fluttershysad:


I'm glad to see your enjoying this, and the fact you comment on every chapter - that's dedication right there.

Yes, I might consider switching this to "teen" rating, but ...

Hahaha. Well I've heard a lot of complaints about EQD and fanfiction. While it would be really awesome to get this on the site, I think it needs a good touch up before then.

And apparently you only get 3 attempts to get accepted. I dunno... I might try when it is completed. You never know.


Alright, I don't comment much on here, but it's mostly because each chapter is so awesome and wraps itself up so nicely with a neat little bow I haven't got anything to say. This is one of my favorite fics, and if it's ended right it could become my favorite.

One of my friends feels the same, and kinda wants to write a song based off of it. She kinda wants you to look over the lyrics after she finishes them to see if you approve (if she does this, there's no guarantee it'll be much more than an idea). Problem is, she can't sing. Do you know any Brony singers who you approve of who might do this, or can you sing?



Wow. Just wow, digitalchaos! I'm supper flattered man. I've got every chapter thought out, including the ending, and I think you guys will love it.

You're favorite fic on this site? Come on! What about Fallout: Equestria. Anything's better than this! Surely.

Now, about that song. You're friend is very kind to write some lyrics about this, and just for the record i love writing song lyrics. If your friend would like some help or approval well they can be my guest.

As for singers, I don't really know any. I mean I can sing or whatever, I would't say i'm bad, but I can hold a tune. If you found two singers it could be like a duet or something?

Why don't you and/or your friend PM me? This sounds cool man. :pinkiehappy:

Just getting started on this, figured I would point out this wee little error.

I was refined to this prison

Should be "I was confined to this prison."

ow my feelings why are you doing this to my feelings

3806221 Yeah. It should. :pinkiegasp:

3808848 Oh no. What have I done now? :raritydespair: Haha.

I have recently made an army.They are available for you at anytime.That means 24/7.More squads will be made when I find some that I approve of.And when I say 'you' I mean LPG only.Sorry to everyone else who wanted a backup army.

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