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Group made for TF/TG! · 11:08pm Dec 8th, 2013

Shameless plug?
Shameless plug.

TF = Transformation--A story where a human finding himself turning into a pony.

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Got any ideas for new stories?

i wound up back here on fimfiction after 9 years (god its been along time...) since i made my account, which i vividly remember was entirely for four scores. to this day i think its the only fan fiction i've ever read to completion, and now i've done it twice. some parts of it didnt age so well (the overal tone towards gender) (not a complaint i understand, different time different wisdom).

but the overall narrative just really hits well. the sonic rainboom over whatever that city's name was to signal to everyone? honestly inspired i was in awe.
the drama the stakes the romance the everything just really pays off in this.

thanks for giving me some light in my dark days of desperately wanting an escape from my world


I am happy to see authors still horsing around

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Fan Art courtesy of shurikart.deviantart.com, forgemaster18.deviantart.com, and littletea10.deviantart.com