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Five Score fanart


Group made for TF/TG! · 11:08pm Dec 8th, 2013

Shameless plug?
Shameless plug.

TF = Transformation--A story where a human finding himself turning into a pony.

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I read 5 score about 3-4 years ago, and it forever changed my life.

At that time, I was 11 year-old Joey, and now I'm 15 year-old Judy about to start hormones in May, just 9 days short of it being the day where 5 score begins, not to mention how my birthday is on a 25th. Crazy coincidence? Undoubtedly. Point is, I cannot thank you enough for writing this amazing story, thank you so much for everything.

Mind if I ask you something big, Spectrum?


5 score means so much to me you have no idea

it was a truly amazing story

Same here, although in my case it also has a lot to do with finding great friends on the forum of the group that, most of who I still talk to regularly - no other fanfic has ever managed that :pinkiesad2:

I totally know what you mean. It's without a doubt my favorite MLP fic I've ever read. I wish Spectrum still wrote stories on here. :pinkiesad2:

  • Viewing 488 - 492 of 492
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Fan Art courtesy of shurikart.deviantart.com, forgemaster18.deviantart.com, and littletea10.deviantart.com

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