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Erin has been plagued with strange, often painful dreams her whole life. She has a strict medication regiment she has to ahere to in order to keep her dreams and the strange other personalty she shares her head with at bay. On her twenty fifth birthday however her life takes an even greater turn for the bizarre when she discovers a cutie mark has appeared on her hips. Princess Celestia's cutie mark. Now she's changing into a pony with no clue as to why, and the only help she can turn to may in fact be her greatest hindrance.

Set in the TwistedSpectrum's Five Score, Divided by Four setting. If you haven't read it yet I'd recommend giving it a look. Very interesting concept. Though the whole time I was reading it I kept wondering where the Princesses were. He said he didn't plan on using them so I decided I'd have a go at a side-story in his cool universe. XD

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Oh, have you read any of the side fics yet? A lot of those are pretty good too.

This seems interesting

Yeah I've checked out a couple. The Luna one is what got me thinking about Celestia. XD

Well thanks. I hope it continues to be. XD

2770888:rainbowlaugh: Which Luna one? As far as I know, there's only two I think.

Lunar Phases. The one linked off the main story? I only read the first chapter but right away it had me thinking of Celestia. Then I started getting ideas for a Celestia one and here it is haha.

2771041 Oh yeah, that one. Lol, well, I'm glad I was able to give you an idea for a Celestia story :rainbowlaugh:

2771041 Hate to say it, but there's already a Celestia one that's tied to Lunar Phases. Soooo... Yeah, do whatever you want.:duck:

No kidding? To be honest I didn't look too deeply outside of the ones Twisted had linked on Five Score. XD

Just as well I suppose. I planned to include my own version of Luna in this at some point anyhow.

2771180 Total Eclipse Of The Sun was linked with Lunar Phases and is a sister fic to it, but wasn't put in with the listings in the 5S group. https://www.fimfiction.net/story/82077/total-eclipse-of-the-sun

Don't worry about it, there's actually a second Luna one that I haven't looked at yet, so redundant ones seem to be accepted.

2771234 Redundancy is accepted to improve creativity as it doesn't stop anyone from using a character that would be perfect for their fic if someone is already using it.

Though, what do you mean that Total Eclipse of the Sun isn't linked in the group? :pinkiesad2:

2771377 I couldn't find it in the group listings for some odd reason. :applejackunsure:

Edit: And who could downvote this? A couple of the others had such atrocious spelling and grammar errors. :facehoof:

Eh. As long as I get more ups than downs I feel like the story's being enjoyed by enough folk that it's worth it to keep going y'know? I know not everyone is gonna like everything I write. XD All my stuff is definitely more on the upvote side than downvote so I take that as a sign I'm doing something right.

Darn, I can't read 'Erin' without thinking of Arin of Game Grumps.
Anyway, great story, loving it.

Nice story, but you have more than a few grammar mistakes.

Never heard of game grumps. :rainbowhuh:

Glad you're liking the story though!

Thanks/yeah I'm not surprised. It's been a while since I was in school and had to worry about that kind of thing and my only real writing experience before here was DnD campaigns. Campaign notes don't require good grammar. XD

I suspect some of the errors are intentional. When I do a first person perspective I try to write it as they would think or speak it naturally, not necessarily what's grammatically correct. Is there anything specifically I keep mucking up? Just knowing there are errors doesn't much help me fix em. >_>;

I'll give it another look-through and PM you.

Very nice

But where is Luna then

Maybe Luna is going to move to Erin

Uh oh

Worst idea ever:facehoof::facehoof::facehoof:

Well Luna's not ACTUALLY gone from Markus' head. Discord just shot him up with a concentrated dose of Erin's medication, so it locked Luna back up. Markus hasn't been taking his pills in a very long time so not having Luna free to roam about his noggin is disconcerting for him


Oh it makes sense now

Curse my way of reading

More chapters like that one! (number of words):twilightsmile:

I like where this story is going.

On the grammar side, whenever you italicized a word for emphasis you missed the space for the next word. It ended up looking likethis.

Can't promise anything. XD I have a minimum 4k words rule I hold myself to when I start a new chapter. Sometimes it stops right around there, sometimes it goes WELL over. Some of my other stories hit the 12k mark a few times. It mostly depends on how I'm feeling the flow and when I find a good stopping point.

Very weird! I fixed it but I'll have to watch for that in the future. Thanks. :o

And by Apples, I mean chapters.:pinkiecrazy:

Haha I know right? My Little Overlord is by far my dumbest story but it has more likes by far than anything else. Every time it gets a new fave it infuriates me. XD

next long chapter :yay:
too bad that i don't have time to read it now

At this rate they'll be up to 20k words by the time I write the last one. XD

If she didn't know it wasn't contagious... Well, helping people break quarantine would have been a spectacularly irresponsible, short-sighted, and dangerous move. I mean, that's how zombie movies start. More seriously, that's how lethal pandemics start.

Fortunately, she knows the truth, but it is going to be really hard justifying it to any authorities should she get caught. And if she doesn't get caught... Well, everyone is going to know that some people broke quarantine and that news will likely make people scared and angry.

Right! I mean obviously if she didn't know it weren't contagious she'd be less likely to break folk out of the quarantine. People are going to be scared and angry either way really. It's just human nature (and pony nature judging by Bridle Gossip) to fear what we don't understand.

...now I have an idea for a pony apocalypse story. "Cute colorful doom is rolling over our city in a wave of adorableness!"


...now I have an idea for a pony apocalypse story. "Cute colorful doom is rolling over our city in a wave of adorableness!"

Pretty sure it has been done, actually.

I wouldn't be surprised haha. There comes a point where TRULY original material becomes very scarce in all media.

Pony people in: Hospital escape

Coming soon to a theater near you!

You write this chapters quite fast.
And of course this :pinkiehappy: :

We settle into a comfortable quiet as the truck rolls down the highway. I’m about to give everyone in the back the all clear, when I hear Becky’s voice next. β€œIs this my TV?”

Can't wait for more.

Sometimes when the ideas are flowing good for a story, I can bang out the chapters real quick. Other times it can take me weeks to get one. This one's been in the former category so far lol

Personally I would have tried to free everyone else too to cover the escape, but I've played way too many video and tabletop games for my own good. Get out while the getting's good.

Actually I suspect that If/when Erin goes full Celestia, she may very well take a trip back to the hospital. Can't let "Her" Little Ponies be dissected/shoved in an internment camp after all.

Haha yeah when Erin and Celestia come to an agreement freeing the ponies is the number one goal on their agenda.

β€œSure will Officer… Haggerty!”

Maybe my intuition is off but it feels like this guy is going to be important later on. Love how things are going so far. Do we get an update on Markus and Luna soon or not till later?


Deep down inside I was always kinda sad that the season two finale didn't have Celestia and Luna introducing Chrysalis to some of their wresting moves, Royal Sister Tag Team Ruleset, of course. That whole "I will protect my subjects" speech by Celestia actually managed to kick Luna out of the number one Princess slot.

I haven't 100% nailed down when Lunarkus is going to come back into the picture. Erin's going to confront Dr. Corddis soon about him hiding the knowledge of her having a brother, but I think I want to wait a bit before they get rescued. We'll see how it goes. XD

It was a cool speech, then her laser got out-lasered by Chrysalis making it kinda eh to me. XD Like if they'd done a bit more back and forth I woulda enjoyed it.

I'm not sure if this was asked but.... :rainbowhuh: Is Lucas going to remain human forever? :derpytongue2:

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