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I have no idea what I'm doing.


I consider myself a lucky guy. Good job, good family, and best of all, really, really good friends. We call ourselves MMPD, and together we've had tons of crazy adventures, helped one another discover ourselves, and always have had a good time. It's a shame we've drifted apart since high school, but at least we get to see each other once a year on our shared birthdays.

That tradition turned out to be a lifesaver, because as my friends and I just found out… well, let’s just say we’ve known each other a lot longer than we thought. Now we’ve gotta find a way back home, and hopefully we won't drive each other nuts along the way. We know we’re not the big heroes, and we’re all in WAY over our heads, but hopefully we can do enough to make a difference in the end. If we can do that, then I know we’ll have made our families proud.

I just wish we still had our capes.

Side fic to Five Score, Divided by Four by TwistedSpectrum.The reading of that story is NOT required in order to understand what is going on in this one.

Now with a Chinese translation!

The Last Crusade Tv Tropes Page
Five Score Divided by Four Group

Cover art by Sonson-Sensei.

Chapters (18)
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Intriguing. I'm interested to see where this goes. Fav'd and tracked.

This is interesting. I have no idea what you're going to do about the age discrepancy, to say nothing of how the Crusaders earned their cutie marks. I assume flashbacks will be involved at some point.

One minor detail: I'm almost positive that this continuity has the show go for only five seasons, not eight.

Aside from that, looking forward to more.

This chapter. I like it. Another.

hmm... has potential like 'Wings of a Different Nature' and is really interesting. It has to do with the CMC and may attempts have failed. I noticed that you said 8 not 5 seasons. Please fix that for it to be somewhat canon.

Your's will succeed and I know it.:scootangel::unsuresweetie::applecry:

I reckon it's off to a great start! :pinkiesmile:
Keep up the good work! :ajsmug:

Good story! The title made me think of indiana jones and the last crusade :rainbowlaugh:

there's one story that has pinkie, rarity, twilight and shining armor together.... so just in case you were going to have shmangie turn out to be rarity.

Isn't that the main story at the moment?

Now that I have actually read this. Two things.

1: IX is better in every way, shape, and form.
2: "My name is Sweetie Bell, You killed my sister, Prepare to die!"

So far it's great :ajsmug:

Angelina Juanita Raimundo, my darling older sister. Shmangie to me, Angie to everyone else. We were being silly one day and started putting the ‘sh’ sound on everything we were saying. Suddenly, our names were hysterical. She and I had always been close, and one of the biggest things we’d always shared was MLP. We used to get up early together to watch the latest episodes, and we’d have endless debates on everything from best episode to best pony. Shmangie was strong-willed, independent, generous to a fault, and always stood up for what she believed in. She reminded me of Rarity in a lot of ways, which coincidentally was also her favorite pony. She even tried to get into the fashion industry at one point, but gave up after she found out how expensive the schooling would be.

Wait. I thought that Rarity was named Tom...... So much for continuity......


2895680 2895278

You're assuming that Angie is actually Rarity. I never said that was the case.

Also, The nightmares are supposed to start after the complete, or almost at completion if, the transformation, at least according to the original story.

Then again, I'm nitpicking here.

Ah, but in the story, those related in the show are related on Earth...

All in the continuity, dude.

Daaaaamn, Rarity.

2895725 Only the ones that are also 25 years old with the same birthday.

Angelina Juanita Raimundo, my darling older sister.

Unless I missed something major in the main story, Shmangie is almost certainly not a pony.

The Princess Bride reference?
"My name is Indigo Montya. You killed my father. Prepare to die."

Of course, and when the do meet, it will not be a fight to the death no. It will be a fight to the PAIN!

Hey, are you aware of pchn00's Return of the Dawn? It would be awesome if you collaborated.

No, I mean that Tom and Mage should be related as siblings... (separated by birth?) So should... Ah fuck, I forgot AJ's human name... Was it Alex? Anyway, whomever you make AB should be a sibling of the human AJ...

Once again, perhaps separated at birth or something, though how many twins and triplets can there really be?

Of course, this is all if you follow the continuity of the original story...

You know, without knowing the plot of Five Score, I would probably cast this story away and never look at it again, because the simple explanation of what's happening is "Uh-oh, we're turning into ponies for seemingly no reason." and I hate that with a passion. Five Score did it extremely well, though, and sort of opened my mind to the transformation thing. As long as it has a good cause and explanation of that cause, that is.

Well, it had me laughing a good part of the chapter... then I arrived to the flashback and went full "Pero que carajo!?!":derpyderp2::rainbowderp::applejackconfused: (WTF in spanish). Seems fairly interesting, I'll keep a close eye on it.

2896116 That's the problem with the "all related ponies must also be related as humans" idea, it doesn't get off the ground in even the original fic given the missing Apple Bloom and eventually the missing Sweetie Belle.


Rarity has always been one of the best fighters in the Mane Six. She just doesn't like showing / talking about it, since it's so unladylike. Not a Changeling ever touched her in Canterlot, she dodged and countered the manticore flawlessly, she used her wings - which she'd had for all of a day - effectively enough to get standing ovations in a flying competition, and she managed to smack Applejack around while brainwashed by Discord. She also has a proven record of getting deadly serious when the chips are down, so yeah. I could totally see her striking to kill without hesitation if Sweetie's life was in immediate danger.

I'm glad to see a CMC 5s/4 story, although it's probably not the only one. Not that there's anything wrong with that; it's a great story concept, and we've already been told that only the Mane 6/Big Mac/Shining Armor are "official".

Just from reading the description. What I can gather is that the hair changing, Cutie Mark Appearing, and eyes changing have already happened. Correct me if i'm wrong. Also, I was extremely happy that you wrote this. But if I am correct, they didn't have their cutie marks yet. Depending on how long after S3 Discord curses the ponies.

EDIT: Okay, ignore my earlier statement about the CMC not having their Cutie Marks. I totally forgot that it was in S5 that Discord cursed them. My bad.

So I'm guessing that Sweetie Bell is Best Crusader in your eyes?


Yes. She is also best robot.

Ah, but in the original fic, Apple and Sweetie were NEVER captured by Discord, thus his curse did not affect them, thus they never went to Earth, THUS no CMC siblings needed.

2897626 Huh, I don't remember that at all. Was it really stated that they weren't captured, or just not mentioned one way or the other?

Remember how they talked about how Discord went after the elements one by one? (I think that Celestia and Luna were mentioned too, but I'm a little fuzzy on the memory) I think they said Discord gloated before defeating... ummm... Was it Twilight that was the last one? I can't remember. But whomever was the last pony captured, Discord gloated over his victory. As far as I know, it was only the six elements...

2897740 dont forget there were a couple of others outside the Elements of Harmony that got sent back, like Big Mac and Shining Armor. There were more, but i can't remember the names and they were background ponies. It would be safe to assume that after he finished the main six, discord went and got rid of a few others that would stand a chance against him.

Well, I meant besides the obvious...
Why are you staring like I'm lying or something!
I didn't forget at all!
You never said anything about me forgetting, did you?

EDIT: Crap, you did. There I go trying to be witty again.

EDIT, EDIT: Also, you're wrong. Discord got the ponies that were trying to protect the Mane Six. For instance, Shining tried to protect Twilight and got zapped with her. Same with Big Mac protecting AJ.

A Five Score story, written by the person who also wrote The Powers of Harmony, and focusing on the CMC?
I don't have all the words I'd need to describe how awesome I know this is going to be! Especially after reading the first chapter. :pinkiehappy:

Good start. Liked and faved.

Looking forward to how this all turns out. Your story has intrigued me.

Dylan finished his current beer and let out an impressive belch. “The pure aweshomeness that is Nine is beyond the capabilities of your shimple little mind to undershtand.”
“You’re both idiots,” Phil said. “Six is the best one of them all.”

Dylan and Phil know where the shit is at! Nine and Six all the way!

See, here's the thing... Seven was only so great because all the right things happened at all the right times and places. They switched from cartridge to disk. They went with a new company, and thus decided to do trailers for the game. Those trailers blew peoples MINDS. Nerd and anyone who knew anything about CGI were shitting their pants about how awesome the cinematics were. It was just the right game at the right time in the right place.


(Also, anyone else who agrees about six totally needs to read Filly Fantasy VI. It's a great crossover that deviates from the original plot, so that it's not just a retelling. Of course, said deviations are only just now starting to come to light, but it's hard to change the very beginning of the game.)

Only complaint? We've seen, thanks to Twi and Armor, and AJ and Mac, that siblings show up as twins on Earth. I'll do my best to abide by suspension of belief, but it's gonna be hard to do, knowing where the real Rarity is, and that oddity of them not knowing each other.


Damn straight 6 and 9 were best ones. Although I'll admit i didn't play 2-6, and the only reason I got 6 was because I played FF1. Best buy of my childhood right there.:pinkiehappy:

This story's got "I'm gonna read it and like it" written all over it.
No need to explain.

About the twins thing;
That only seems to happen if they're "scoreded" together, one after the other. I could see Discord leaving Rarity for a bit to suffer. She's not a tactician, she's not an orator, so she'll be unlikely to rouse a resistance.
He can watch her suffer while wallowing over sweetie's "death". Seems legit, plus, Mage's latching onto his big sis would be a subconscious connection to "his" real sister.
5s/4 cannon maintained, with a shard of extra drama.

Nice start...got a little dark there with Discord hurting the CMC...:pinkiecrazy:

2899263 I haven't played FF6 or FF9, are those two that you would recommend to somebody who is getting into the series itself?

2900740 DEFINITELY start with six. Honestly, it's one of the easier Final Fantasys, but it has, in my opinion, the best character developement, aside from arguably seven and nine. Six is definitely the best one for starting out in the series. As far as the newer ones go, 12 had a good plot, horrible game-play. (Gambit system. It was like an MMO, but without the MM or O part. Lame.) 13 had a horrible plot, no side-quests, but great gameplay. Ten people seem to have mixed feelings for, so I won't go there. The older ones are the best, though everyone's favourites tend to be either four, six, seven, or nine. (Four and six were known as 2 and 3 for us in the U.S, released on the SNES, which is why two, three, and five aren't as popular for favourites.)

Sorry for text wall. :twilightsheepish:

Oh hey, a Four Score sidefic!

Well alright then!

Well, you don't need to hear it from me, but great work here! You gave the characters great chemistry and their personalities feel quite real, even after just one chapter. Your sentence structure and grammar are solid too, I feel sorry for anyone who reads this and then decides to follow the link to read Five Score. My first few chapters would be cringe worthy to read if they came from reading your fic, I wasn't even using commas before quotation marks back then :facehoof:

Anyway, I like your flashback with Rarity defending Sweetie Bell too, I imagine she would be quite ferocious if Discord really was attacking her little sister. Also, huge congrats on getting featured! I imagine that is no easy feat to accomplish for a side fic to something.:pinkiehappy:

The Cutie Mark Crusaders are side characters in my fan fiction, On Our Own. They are Best Friends with my unicorn filly, Little Horn, who had joined the Crusaders prior to discord attacking Ponyville.

Even Babs is in it as well.

I was powerless to even save myself. I’d no idea what Discord was going to do me,
Discord raped SWEEETIE!

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