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Five Score fanart

Fantastic side fics to Five Score that others have written!

  • The Last Crusade Four childhood friends discover that their friendship goes back a lot farther than they thought. 5s/4 side story. by CyborgSamurai 103,339 words · 16,270 views · 834 likes · 22 dislikes
  • Return of the Dawn A substitute teacher with what she's always been told is a mental condition begins to suspect that's not the entire truth when a familiar sun shaped cutie mark appears on her hips. by pchn00 132,770 words · 2,930 views · 266 likes · 16 dislikes
  • Earning Wings of a Different Nature The crew of an RAN Destroyer begin to notice that one of their pilots is developing some odd quirks, to say the least. Wings, hooves and a cutie mark, just to name a few... by Strayan Phoenix 76,664 words · 4,810 views · 576 likes · 22 dislikes
  • Changing Strings and Other Things I'm not having the best day. The mark on my hip was just one more problem, but now... I think I'm turning into a pony. And I don't know what to do. by Sharp Spark 34,294 words · 3,330 views · 360 likes · 11 dislikes
  • Lunar Phases Five Score Divided by Four? Where have I heard that before? Psh, sounds like some cheesy title to a fanfic. What is this itching?! Wait, since when have I had Luna's cutie mark on my thigh? by Dusk Writer 63,869 words · 6,486 views · 461 likes · 24 dislikes


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My stories (maintaining a 100% featured rate!) ^_^

  • Five Score, Divided by Four As a fan of the show, I always loved Rainbow Dash and her cutie mark, but I never wanted it to appear on my leg! Now that it has, all sorts of things are getting weird around here. I'm a guy, not a mare! Cartoon ponies aren't real... right? by TwistedSpectrum 285,557 words · 23,706 views · 3,052 likes · 155 dislikes

Shameless plug?

Shameless plug.

Come join the brand new TF/TG group on FimFic. (Link)

TF =  Transformation--A story where a human finding himself turning into a pony.

TG = Transgender--A story where someone's gender is changed via magic.

TF/TG = When both happen at once! Stories about guys turning into mares, or girls turning into stallions. It's usually against their will, but either way, sexy times often follow such a body change.

Come join the brand new TF/TG group! Perfectly for the home, office, or vacation use! Works on planes! USB 3.0 compatible!* Waterproof to 3 centimeters! Ideal for kid's birthday parties!** Helps alleviate everyday sexytime TF/TG desires!

*Warning Phenylketonurics: Contains L-Phenylalanine

**Made in a facility that processes hazelnuts

Join the group, add your favorite TF fics that have gender flipping, and do those other group activities that groups do.


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My top five favorite clopfics! (But uh, they aren't for everyone...)

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Kudos to you. Five Score still to this day remains my favorite fanfic ever.

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>>1577927 Howzabout one unit of Planck time, then?

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>>1580217 Printing costs, m8. There's no actual profit from the sales, just the cost of the paper, machinery, and ink.

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>>1541431 Wait, non-profit? I thought FoE was like £50 for a physical version.

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Just a heartbeat?


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