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A 4everbrony who loves anime,videogames,fanfiction(obviously),rave/techno/electro music and is an animator-in-making! I look forward to trying to juggle between animating and fanfictioning! \(^u^)/

Stories I thought that were AWESOME, TOO GREAT, or...."stalk-worthy"!

Random Pics! \(^o^)/

And proud of it!

A recent Favorite discovery of Fan made MLP videos!

A friend of mines showed meh this PMV I must've missed and wow... just... WOW!!! It have almost... no... technically EVERYPONY AND EVERY BRONY in it!! I thought I'd share this awesome PMV with you all!! (\('w')/)

A Little music for us all!!

Give a shout if you want everpony to smile!~♪

...I just glanced at it, watched it, and.... it just made sense lolz \(>.<)
[ Still in searching! ]

NEWEST INFO ON MY LITTLE PONY!! (Brought to you by Derpy Airmail!~)

WOOHOO!!! Season 5 is here, and so... am... I! I've watched all the episodes that recently came out and I couldn't be more happier! So far, I'd say that Episodes 9 and 10 are my favorite ones and there's more episodes to come! :raritystarry:

Aside from the new season for more and almost better material, I've read on various sites (4chan,kotaku,reddit, ect...) that there may only be 13 episode to this season, but so far they're making the best of those episodes by far!

Well, that's all there is to say about the current and past new episodes, but I'll do my best to keep posting. Take it easy bronies, and ENJOY THE NEW SEASON! :derpytongue2:


The Apology of Apologies of the Apology I wanted to Apologize for a long long time ago... :( · 4:32am Jun 10th, 2015

Seems I ended up not having lots of time making or continuing the fan fictions I promised to work on, I never knew becoming an animator would take up SO much time, but since I'm starting to get a little faster at drawing and animation.... I am starting back with uploading fan fiction!

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Stories that I've created with my own bare hands!!!

Fan Fiction Achievements I have earned! :D

Go here to see if you qualify for an achievement badge! And remember, BE HONEST OF YOUR ACHIEVEMENTS! >o<

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I know it is ^w^! Lots of crazy things can happen on it when you have friends and a few family members like I do, of course I know a few people who doesn't take it as serious as I do, but that's made up by most of my friends randomness...even...if it hurts lolz :twilightsheepish:

1854430 Wow, this really is an old reply. :pinkiegasp:
Anyways, April Fools Day is quite an interesting one.

1503623 (SUPER LATE REPLY!- Sorry lolz)
Favorite holiday would be o.o..... probably Halloween or April Fools Day! \(^.^)/ (Birthday is an automatic like! :ajsmug:)

Sorry there lolz.... busy "advancing in life" as people put it :twilightblush: .... BUT I'm BACK!! ( hopefully 95% for good!)

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