The League of Cuddles 422 members · 233 stories

Do you like hugs?

Do you like cuddles? Snuggles? Glomping?

Do you like it when ponies do this?

Then this group is the group for you!

Will you join and be a Cuddle Bandit?

Until I get mods put any cuddling fics in you find, everyone-mature, I could care less, and long as they have cuddles. If the folders don't work for you just say.

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We need a anon cuddling renasconse

Technically someone giving unwanted cuddles is a molester.

I shall the snuggles everyone!

please hug me i'm a lonely emo brony

Does anypony want to hug and snuggle me? If yes like this comment.

hmm maby socks and bathrobes
that sounds supremely cuddly


Plastic and soft materials, maybe.

cuddle armor ? what would that even look like?
... pillows? flufflepuff?

Honestly I just want to kill myself I'm tired of being a brony

Hello, everypony. Let's all snuzzle! :yay:

I WILL SNUGGLE YOU ALL!!!:pinkiehappy:

.....This group is like a slice of heaven~ :fluttercry: :raritycry:

364976 Right there with you buddy!:pinkiehappy:

This is my kind of group! :yay:


We need new methods. The image macros aren't enough anymore.

We must start drawing ponies in cuddle armor.

355818 I was wondering the same thing.

I want a hug, but all I have is my cat. Every time I hug him he squeaks, so I'm not allowed to hug him anymore.

356232 yay hugs al around

Look, I tired hard... Really hard, not to join this group. But its mere existance Just makes me so incredibly giggly that I was compelled by an unknown force to click the join button. I have read just about all of these fics and I cannot wait for more.

  • Viewing 12 - 31 of 31