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Hey there! Wanna snuggle? Or maybe a cuddle? Well here we love both and more!
Human snuggles
Pony cuddles
We love all of those!
Even human+pony cuddle, snuggles and nuzzles!
All our welcome here.
Rules: Don't be mean
Don't hurt anyone's feelings
Don't be hatin on anyone
Have fun!

And even though we don't say it, we all love lap naps

Our Creator: Kawaii Candy Candies

Admins: There are some

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been close to a year...

I'm definitely all for cuddles:scootangel::rainbowkiss::heart:!

414283 *cuddles* alrighty then

414271 *cuddles* To tell the truth I had planed on making this when I first joined lol

This has filled a void in my heart

Didn't think there would be a group about cuddles but alright then:twilightsmile:

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