It's that day again. · 10:56am Feb 14th, 2019

For those celebrating the day, hope you have a wonderful valentines day.

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Thanks, I didn't know I had reached that number till I looked last night.

Well thst opinion doesn't mean anything, they haven't written anything so they don't know what effort is put into it or what is like to be on the receiving end of comments loke that. Which is why I told them to either write what they like and want or to shut their mouth, the choice is easy to make and either way I get what I want.

Woah, just read it, tough stuff, but well, it is just one guy with his own opinion, could have be nicer though. :twilightoops:

Thanks, I already had some punk complain about it. But I'm not too worried about that person.

Good luck with your new story:twilightsmile:

I know what you mean, though I haven't heard if I work tomorrow. So mostly hermit for me.

I avoid the one by avoiding the other. This is the time of the hermits' ascension.

Well I do hope that you're at least doing well and avoiding both the corona virus and insanity, crazy people abound and all that.

There's no truly safe places in Florida. There's only the time it takes for the nearest Florida Man to get you.

Hope you are doing well and staying safe where you are.

Maybe, but still no reason to act the way he did. I just turned 30 about 6 months ago, I'm still a virgin, I gave up looking to punch in that card when I was 15. Had he taken the time to get to know me, he would, have learned I was not looking for sex.

But he's a good example of what happens when you act first instead of thinking first.

Hmph. Given what I've heard of the show, I suspect he may have been jealous.

I wasn't involved too much, just the occasional question here and there. Or the occasional words of encuragement towards Molly, but it was towards the start of their show. If you ever heard them say the name Poncho Villa, then it was me.

But my only direct interaction with gonzo was that accusation, he accused me of trying to get into Molly's pants. I told him that was never my intention, but regardless I slowly stopped listening to the show till their move when I stopped entirely.

You were involved with them? And I don't know. What episodes I listened to, I was there purely for Molly (and occasionally Luna). I couldn't even tell you the other people's names.

Damn good timing, though I'll be honest and have to question. What made him thing gonzo could have held their group together without the woman who voiced Molly? I've talked to him once and he does not have the personality to act as glue.

Granted that conversation started off with him insulting me followed by an accusation of my actions.

I checked the channel purely on a lark. Surprised the hell out of me to see a new upload. Doubly so one posted within the last 24 hours. Timing, no?

I'll be honest, if they had the drive to do it. It wouldn't have mattered what was or is going on in the fandom, it wouldn't matter what happened among them, and it wouldn't matter who was the glue who held them together. They would have found a way to keep their show going.

But when they chose to leave youtube rather than fight the system and what troubles were active then, it was a clear sign they were going to fall apart eventually. I hate to say it but it doesnt bother me that they did, I disconnected myself from that show early on so I wouldn't care where they went or what happened to their group.

I will comend them for staying together and keeping the shiw going for as long as they did.

  • Viewing 465 - 484 of 484
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