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This group is dedicated to talking about all possible kinds of non-monogamous relationships, their problems, life, romance and love either in real life or in fiction.

Don't know what polyamory or non-monogamy are ? Here's a faq and tons of other cool stuff about it : https://www.morethantwo.com/polyamory.html

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Yup, that's pretty much it :ajsmug:


So it's like those two stories in my Read Later that shouldn't still be there since I finished reading both, and decided to Follow one of them.

Too minor a bug to bother fixing.

Ah, just noticed this :twilightblush: The comments section here isn't somewhere I usually remember to check (there really ought to be some sort of notification to admins when people comment here, but alas...)

Anyway, this group sort of came about because of the Polyamory Support Group. It was a very short-lived group (I believe it lasted two days), and lowl3v3l started this group in its place. Meanwhile, someone else did the same thing and started the Polyamory Carefree Support Group, but that also closed down.

Because of the way Fimfiction handles groups, everyone that was in a group that gets deleted is still technically a member of the no-longer-existing group, so Fimfiction thinks a lot of the current members of this group are also in the other two, thus they appear in the similar groups. It's a weird coding bug that honestly should've probably been fixed ages ago, but no one's ever bothered (presumably because it doesn't really impact the site experience too much and the staff just has other things to focus on).

Not sure if you were genuinely looking for an explanation for this oddity, but there it is :ajsmug:

*tries to look in on two other groups on polyamory, but gets 404'd on both ends*

:rainbowhuh: Whaaaaa...?

  • Viewing 1 - 5 of 5
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