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Welcome to the Equestrian Parliament

Here we discus the politics of Equestria and where it stands in the world. Groups from all points of Equestria, from Ponies, to Gryphons, to Crystal Ponies, even Changelings can and will be discussed in how they play apart in how things are run in this world of magic. We support stories, ideas, and discussions of the intriguing world of diplomacy and world players such as Princesses Celestia and Luna, Discord, Queen Chrysalis, even the Dragon Lord Ember.

War and Peace, Internal and External policy, Harmony and Chaos, the world of Equestria deals with many groups and many problems worth the attention of the Equestrian Parliament.

So join and become a MP today!

Associate Groups

Equestrian Government
Solar Empire
Politics in Equestria
World Building Alliance
The New Lunar Republic
The Changeling Empire
Followers of Discord
The Love Kingdom of Princess Cadence

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409619 even though that made absolutely no sense (and sense is something i slightly despise) i can't help saying that what i just heard was foolish and strange

409617 There can be no rest until every Westminster convention fulfilled, every wig powdered and every cabinet reshuffled. This 409502 is exactly what I'm talking about.


YOU CAN'T GET RID OF ME NOW!!!!!:pinkiecrazy:


Lorry plz, stahp.

Does a single member of this group actually know what a Parliament is?

409585 Oh wow that's pretty cool.

409585 nah thats probably suited for the pony inhabited part of equestria

I concur; we are all here for jolly cooperation after all.

409508 How do you feel about the term, 'life magic'?

409509 hilariously that was actually what i was thinking about when i came up with the idea of cabbages X3

409506 This is the guy you got the cabbages from

On behalf of all undead everywhere, I declare that classifying necromancy as "dark magic" is quite racist in more ways than one.

Also more estus flasks. Those things are absolutely vital.

409504 wait no.... a combination of our proposals!
The south wall is cake! (The morning after it was built, it strangely disappeared...):trollestia:
The west wall is apricots! (Hahaha Let's see them call us nutty now!)
The north wall is root beer! (Using a time paradox it makes it as solid as a bridge)
The east wall is dirt! (No explanation needed, only dirt)
The southwestern wall is cabbage (where did we get this many cabbages?)

That is also acceptable.:ajsmug:

409499 i propose it be made of dirt and root beer! :3

What in the void is an MP???

On behalf of The Discordian Party I propose that the south wall be made of cake and apricots.

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