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We are the Solar Empire.
We push ourselves to a brighter future filled with knowledge and prosperity.We do acts of charity to help weaker ponies be given the chance of greatness.
Yet some rebellious ponies chose to join the Lunar Republic.They want to strike down our world of beauty and peace,the only way to stop them,is to
I abolish that idea!

Owner-Fire Princess
Admins-Authority Cop

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General Rules
Please nothing sexual or foul language
No insulting Celestia
You may join the Lunar Republic for rp reasons ONLY

Forum Rules
RPing is okay but I think fimfiction doesn't allow it.
Be nice!<3
No bad language or sexy stuff

I will update in the forums every day with cool stories,top Celestia supporters,new admins,hot rp's,and more

For war updates check this forum topic.

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As the first member! Thank you for the Invite Fire Princess!

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